Sarracino: “Differentiated autonomy is dividing Italy, we will encourage a referendum to repeal it”

The Calderoli bill, which brings differentiated autonomy to our system, was approved by the Senate. A clear victory for the League, which celebrated by waving the Lion of San Marco, the banner flag of Venice’s Serenissima republic. An image that brings to mind a Carroccio from another time, the so-called “Padania” and separation. Marco Sarracino, Neapolitan MP of the Democratic Party, member of Elly Schlein’s secretariat, talks about this to

Sarracino explains: “This is a victory for the League and a defeat for Italy. We are faced with a plan that divides Italy in two, increasing various inequalities. We criticize it for three reasons. First, because it is anti-historical.” plan: Today Pnrr gives us the opportunity to invest in strengthening social and national cohesion. But this plan undermines it. It’s an undesirable plan even for those doing business: How can we compete in the world with twenty different energy policies? ? Something that doesn’t stand up. And finally, an unfair design.”

“I’ll give you a concrete example of what could happen in the school world: We could differentiate the programs from region to region, we could differentiate the competitions from region to region; for example, anyone who has not lived in a particular region for at least 15 years would not be able to participate in any competitions and become a teacher. Salaries could also be differentiated, so that a teacher from the South would be better off from a teacher from the North than a teacher from the North.” “less salaries will be paid. In the next few hours, the Democratic Party will launch a nationwide mobilization against the differentiation of autonomy,” he said.

When this precaution is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is health. What will change?

“Unfortunately, we already have a completely differentiated autonomy regarding healthcare, because one of the defining aspects of the Calderoli law is the implementation of LEAs, that is, the levels of essential healthcare that must be guaranteed throughout the country from north to south. But the problem is that it is not only necessary to determine them, but also to guarantee them.” “To date, the State cannot cover the costs to guarantee LEAs, so the government must explain how it plans to finance them”.

According to background information, there would be an agreement between FDI and Lega: differentiated autonomy in exchange for the premiership. Is this believable?

“It is clear that autonomy is the ideological banner of the Union, which managed to achieve this through an exchange with the prime ministership promoted by the Italian Brotherhood, but this is a bad exchange for the country. I think there is no better one. A sad image, or rather the image seen after the vote in parliament: Democratic Party senators three “While I was waving the colorful flag, some senators of the League were waving the flag of San Marco in Venice.”

In the meantime, keep fighting for the minimum wage. You are in the Working Committee, do you still have hope?

“We are very pessimistic about what the government will do about the minimum wage, because we believe that it will do nothing but continue to throw the ball into the stands, as it has done so far. Lowering the minimum wage is an act of Giorgia Meloni and his government against the poorest citizens, against the weakest citizens and therefore against the South.” “It’s part of his bigger plan. List all the choices made by the executive this year: they’ve destroyed the civic income, they’ve destroyed the minimum wage, they’ve cut three and a half billion from the Infrastructure Equalization Fund, which serves precisely to address inequalities.”

“Then they canceled some Pnrr projects related to suburbs and hydrogeological instability: these are choices that affect the whole country, but above all the South. The one about the minimum wage, in my opinion, is really unreasonable. The choice: we are talking about 4 million Italians who are poor despite having a job “We believe that this is a great injustice, especially towards the youngest people who earn 850 euros a month. How can you have a son with 850 euros a year? Are you thinking of starting a family and building a future?”

Well, the problem with your proposal on paper is that the state has to provide the missing money to reach the minimum threshold. And the costs will be high.

“We have expressed our desire to withdraw this amendment. If the government wants to discuss it, we will go into every detail. This is clearly a proposal that needs to be developed gradually in order to be implemented in reality. We are ready to discuss.” The problem is that the government is not prepared to discuss the merits, in fact it did something else: on the night it eliminated the minimum wage, it approved an agenda presented by the League that effectively eliminated wage restrictions. Again, we come back with the idea that a Southern public employee might get paid less than a Northern employee.”

The minimum wage is an identity struggle not seen in the Democratic Party in a long time. The problem is that the secretaries change but the party remains the same. It is clear that the currents are already preparing for the next congress, just read some press releases or some backgrounds clearly dictated to the incumbent journalist. Will you ever find peace?

“To be honest, I find it crazy that the debate is going on within the Democratic Party while you’re running a country with the worst rights in the history of the republic. The whole thing seems pretty crazy to me. We have a secretary elected in primaries. In some cases, it’s an important consensus that’s been rediscovered or unexpected.” “Because not everyone thought that this could bring together many disillusioned people. We are rebuilding our relationship with the worlds that distanced themselves from the centre-left, from the left and from the PD. This is not a simple challenge, it is not an issue that can be solved in half an hour. The game to be won now is the European elections.”

Not just European: Voting is also held in regions where the so-called “wide area” is not always successful, such as Sardinia. Is it really possible to bring everyone together or is it a utopia?

“The Democratic Party has always set the goal of bringing together all opposition forces that see themselves as an alternative to Giorgia Meloni and his majority. This applies to both national and local levels, where collaborative work can be done with the participation of civil forces. We will continue to do this with an eye on the next regional elections It is a work that we will do. When I was the secretary of the Naples Federation, we managed to establish a coalition consisting of the Democratic Party, the 5 Star Movement and the Third Pole. We will have to try to do this at the national level as well. It is a difficult path, a tiring path, but this does not mean that it is impossible. These forces “When they come together, they are in the majority. We won in Naples. In the first round, 64 points were given to a hundred.”

Source: Today IT