Meloni in connection with Villadei: “This mission strengthens Italy’s position”

«This mission allows Italy to strengthen its position in the space economy, in the context of activities in low orbit. It allows our scientific, academic and industrial community to make extremely significant progress.” This is Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in a video connection from the Coliseum with Air Force Colonel Walter Villadei, aboard the ISS for the Axiom Space mission 3 (Ax-3). «I know that during the quarantine you have eaten and will eat Italian and we also want to thank you for that: thank you for agreeing to be ambassadors for the candidacy of Italian cuisine for UNESCO material heritage, putting Italian cuisine in orbit allows that we absolutely value great Italian excellence”, he said then. Villadei’s response was immediate and amusing: «Eating only Italian food and recipes was an extraordinary way to accompany the crew’s takeoff and made ours the best quarantine in the history of astronaut quarantines…».

«Our nation is ideally with her at this moment, rooting for her and hoping that we can do more and more, always move forward, continue with the enthusiasm that she tells us so as not to imagine that there must be pre-limits established», continued the leader of the Brothers from Italy. «We must remember that the research activity you are developing will also contribute to the advancement of knowledge, for example on the topic of neurogenerative diseases, to improve fertility treatments in women. These are themes of great relevance and importance, not only for Italy, but for the whole world. On the one hand, therefore, there is this great enthusiasm and pride that, on the other, become bricks, concrete answers that can improve research and, consequently, the lives of our citizens. What you are doing is extremely precious and I am happy to have this opportunity to help illuminate a world that often seems distant to us and about which we do not always understand everything”, added the Prime Minister.

Source: IL Tempo