The path of roses and thorns of the unification of the Historical Pact

However, there are more than 15 in the coalition collectivities and not everyone agrees with unity. Those who are must in turn renounce them legal entities.

“The Political Committee of the Historical Pact supports the President’s statements and defines the get started of a route for the construction and realization of the Historical Pact as a unitary organization contributing to the Broad Front and the National Agreement through a broad policy of alliances with other sectors,” reads the document signed by Human Colombiathe Patriotic Union, the Democratic Pole, the Communist Party, Todos Somos Colombia, the Colombian Labor Party and Democratic Hope.

Those who are not signing for the time being are the MAIS, the ADA and the power peace.

Now, however, they must promote “a process of democratic participation between countries” in the areas and sectors members of parties and movements, representatives of public companies, organizations and social processes and citizens general”.

Source: El Heraldo