Forza Italia, Letta crowns Tajani in the name of Berlusconi

This “Italian miracle” that continues, even after the death of its founder and inspirer. That path that is fully aware of its path. Forza Italia gathered yesterday at EUR, Palazzo delle Fontane, for its 30th anniversary. Attention: yes, there was an amarcord, as obviously there was, because that video message that Berlusconi sent on TV on January 26, 1994 is (still today) a political fact.

But there was also much more. The foundations for a future that day after day, with the growth of polls, become increasingly tangible. And Antonio Tajani, the national secretary who leads the party and holds it together, has a good hand in defining its vision for the “next 30 years”. Gianni Letta takes the stage. “A gift from God for Italy”, Silvio Berlusconi liked to call him, who had him at his side as an advisor both in the years of glory and in those of bitter climbs. Until the last moment. “Thank you, dear President”, he says in an ideal thread of the dialogue that is tied up there. Berlusconi, continues Letta, “created the Italian miracle and this miracle still continues”.

It then dedicates a passage to the role of Antonio Tajani and the founder’s family. «When Silvio disappeared on June 12, Antonio Tajani was number two. And one of the last statements he made to the press since San Raffaele was to say “in the many years that I had my friend Tajani close to me, he never made a mistake in a statement or an intervention. . Here, this is the step that he would like to take today and that the family sends, through me: continue like this, make good use of this great intuition and lesson from Silvio Berlusconi.” From memory, it is the only speech that Letta gave in a Forza Italia convention The day combines an in-depth analysis of what has been happening with political analysis.

There is no shortage of testimonies about one of the key passages that the collective imagination links to Berlusconi, namely the contract with the Italians. Bruno Vespa, who made the moment official on «Porta a Porta», talks about this.

He explains how with this measure he recovered around ten points in an electoral campaign that saw him the target of many media attacks. It is history that is intertwined with the future. And you can see it on the faces of those there. The current management: group leaders Barelli and Gasparri, spokeswoman Nevi, Letizia Moratti number one of the National Council. The youngest ones like Undersecretary Maria Tripodi or the head of Tourism Carlo De Romanis. But then many faces from Forza Italia over six decades. Mario Valducci and Cesare Previti (founding nucleus), Fabrizio Cicchitto, Giorgio Lainati. «In thirty years, Forza Italia has maintained a position of great balance, in Italy and in Europe, and has contributed to the creation of a competent ruling class at all levels in our country», observes the Minister of the Environment Pichetto Fratin. And now? Antonio Tajani, in his final speech, paints a portrait of the movement’s specificity: «Forza Italia matters because it imposes its choices. We are different from our allies, we strongly believe in the alliance but we are a national party even when we talk about the economy. We are not only concerned with the North, but also with the South and that the new rules can bring balance at a territorial level”.

And look to the future. The targets are those identified several times, 10% for European elections and 20% for politics. «We must do our best, because victory is approaching. Someone won’t notice we’re coming, I don’t want to steal a phrase from others, but it’s like this…”, he predicts, borrowing a quote from Elly Schlein. The crowd applauds, we see forests of flags waving again. The soundtrack includes Al Bano and Ricchi e Poveri, as well as the canonical anthems of Forza Italia and Azzurra Libertà. It is a party, but not only that, it is also a party meeting to galvanize elected officials and activists for an intense agenda. Which will have the next appointment at the end of February.

Source: IL Tempo