Tonight Italy, “methods that cannot be shared”. Pure Bonelli dissociates itself from eco-vandals

Angelo Bonelli, co-spokesperson for Green Europe and deputy for the Green and Left Alliance, is a guest on the January 28th edition of Stasera Italia, Rete4’s evening television program presented by Sabrina Scampini. The deputy addresses the issue of environmental protests, especially in light of the raid on the Louvre, with the defacing of the Mona Lisa’s glass by two eco-activists: “I don’t agree with these methods, because they focus more on the gesture that is in the message, from a communication point of view. The message, as far as I’m concerned, can be shared. We urgently need to address the issue of climate change, which is causing the drought. The topic of agriculture is in the newspapers today due to the farmers’ protests , but we must instead focus too much on policy. Unfortunately, that is what politics does not do: climate policy. Today Prime Minister Meloni inaugurated the conference of the so-called Mattei Plan, but in reality it is a conference that wants taking gas from Africa, cultivating agricultural land in Africa to make biofuels in places where the rate of malnutrition is highest”.

Source: IL Tempo