War, Crosetto alarm: “The situation is getting worse, reservists are needed”

According to Guido Crosetto, attacks on ships in the Red Sea are not just a military offensive, but a new chapter in “hybrid warfare”. «Italy will send a ship to join the others already present in the area for other missions», announces the Minister of Defense in an interview with La Stampa. «To move faster, we reached an agreement with France and Germany. But then, due to pure details, weeks are wasted and now we cannot allow that.” Did the fact that Spain withheld European intervention have any impact? “The distrust of the Spanish government is ideological. Sánchez made the interests of his agreements “There is an ongoing trade war that wants to change global rules. Russian and Chinese ships are not attacked and this is openly announced. This creates a trade gap, because their goods have lower transport and insurance, which is reflected in prices. It’s a war that triggers another war.” “We cannot bomb unless there is an international resolution or a request from a friendly country. We can respond to attacks, perhaps even anticipating them.” The actions of the United States and Great Britain are achieving concrete results, “but it is not easy – highlights Crosetto – the Houthis are very organized and are not easy to defeat. I hope that sends the message that we are facing a new scenario that concerns us closely and that we must equip ourselves.”

«We build rules with the idea of ​​an always peaceful world, of nations that do not invade others, of wars that do not affect the well-being of our citizens. And instead – warns the Minister – we find ourselves in a different world, in which the actors that destabilize it, Iran, Russia and North Korea, have a military production capacity greater than that of NATO”. «We transformed the Armed Forces with the idea that there was no longer a need to defend our territory and that peace was an irreversible achievement. The armed forces, in this context, participate in peacekeeping missions at most, without provoking real clashes. Now that the fences are down, there are no more rules. The role of the Minister of Defense presupposes taking into account the worst possible scenarios”, he explains, such as “having to defend yourself in your own territory”. Another thing that must be foreseen is intervention in distant countries to defend Italian interests. I know it’s something difficult to accept because we all tend to hide in a comfort zone.” For this reason he proposes the creation of a military reserve. “We don’t want war – he clarifies – reservists are not necessary to wage war , but to defend themselves, in support of the regular armed forces, and only in the unlikely event of a direct attack. There is no ideological vision, but rather a pragmatic one. Like Switzerland, which has not participated in conflicts for centuries, but is ready to defend.” These are “volunteers who, if necessary, can be called upon to support the armed forces. The military will have to specialize more and more, but then a broader set will be needed. There is already a Parliament delegation for the reserve. It’s a story linked to the war in Gaza. This is also why we need to find a solution quickly.”

Source: IL Tempo