Action, official entry of Bonetti and Rosato at the Calenda party

Elena Bonetti and Ettore Rosato officially join Action. The announcement was made at a press conference by the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda, in the presence of the two interesting people. Bonetti will be vice-president responsible for building a new “great party of the Republic with all the subjects who do not recognize themselves in bipolarism”, said Calenda, while Rosato will be deputy secretary responsible for the organization and local authorities.

«Today we enter into Action to expand the Action and begin a process of building a new unitary party that knows how to bring together popular, Catholic, republican, liberal and socialist traditions, and reunite what politics has divided, because that is what the people and a new pact is needed for the country. To advance its specificity, it will participate in this constituent process, not only with a view to the European and administrative elections”, were Bonetti’s first words at a press conference today in the Chamber after the announcement of his entry into action and his appointment, at the next meeting, as vice-president.Both had left Italy alive in recent months.

Source: IL Tempo