Beppe Sala: “I was fighting cancer while preparing for the Expo”

“I say this for the first time today: While I was fighting for the Expo and showing my self-confidence, I was undergoing chemotherapy,” says Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala, speaking in the new episode of the podcast “Tre Desideri”. The project, created by the Italian League Against Tumors (Lilt) together with Chora Media, will celebrate World Cancer Day on February 4.

Recurrence of lymphoma

“I want to tell you something I have never said before, in the hope that it will be useful to others,” explains the mayor of the capital of Lombardy and the former sole commissioner and CEO of Expo 2025.

“In my case, non-Hodgkin lymphoma was recurring,” explains Beppe Sala, who has talked about the disease in recent years. “During these 25 years, I had a relapse twice. The last, perhaps the most difficult moment of my life was in 2014, that is, a year after the opening of the Expo. The situation was difficult, he says, we were late and the Expo was interrogated. I had one of the routine check-ups and They diagnosed a recurrence of the disease. I say it for the first time today: While I was fighting for the Expo and confident in myself, I was undergoing light chemotherapy. I confess that at that time I asked myself: Am I strong enough to overcome all this? And these are questions to which you can never find a definitive answer. But you can do it, you should do it.”

Throughout the episode, Sala describes how the tumor changed his life, his way of thinking and his desires, as well as the periodic check-ups and psychological support that helped him: “I felt the real feeling of impotence, but the truth is that today I do not have to prove that I am the strongest that keeps me standing,” he explains .

World Cancer Day

“The theme of World Cancer Day is ‘Closing the care gap,’ which highlights the possibility of reducing the global impact of cancer through the ability to work together,” Lilt, from Milan Monza Brianza, recalls in a note. “Everyone can make important choices for their own health and the health of others, adopt healthy lifestyles, plan periodic visits, but also support Lilt in its many projects, helping it to become more and more of a reference for cancer prevention in Italy.”

Source: Today IT