Sgarbi resigned as undersecretary: “Anonymous letters were sent to Antitrust against me”

Vittorio Sgarbi resigned The art critic decided to leave his post as undersecretary of culture. Sgarbi announced this on the Ripartenza stage, created by Nicola Porro himself.

“According to the antitrust notice, I cannot talk about art to avoid a conflict of interest,” he said. “And therefore I would like to announce here my resignation from my post as Undersecretary of State for Culture, effective immediately. I will write a letter to Meloni. I am just Vittorio Sgarbi, no longer undersecretary,” he added. “I don’t want to be Undersecretary”

Addressing the audience watching his lecture on Michelangelo, Sgarbi once again said, “I resign and I do this for you.” “He explained that Antitrust had sent Porro a very complicated and confusing letter stating that I could not give a lecture because I had accepted two anonymous letters sent to Antitrust by the Minister of Culture.”

Sgarbi is accused of engaging in activities incompatible with his role in the ministry. He explained that the resignation was due to an indication from Antitrust several hours earlier that his activities as a lecturer were compatible with his duties in the government.

Sgarbi case and alleged compensation are incompatible with his position

The opposition’s motion demanding the government to cancel Sgarbi’s appointment, which was planned to be made the day before, was postponed until February 15, pending the Antitrust decision. The decision regarding participation in paid events was requested by the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, “due to possible illegal behavior in violation of the provisions of law 215/2004 on activities incompatible with holding a position in a government office.” He announced that there was an investigation LaPresseit was later combined with another ‘claim’ by the Antitrust: Sgarbi would “offer to the public, through the website recorded by Professor Sgarbi himself, the purchase of his own books, accompanied by a personalized dedication”.

Added to this was the storm that arose during the Report program’s investigation of an allegedly stolen painting in the possession of the Undersecretary. Sgarbi said he was always out of touch with the facts, but the judiciary is now investigating the incident as well. Meanwhile, Sgarbi, who was waiting for the opposition motion to be voted on, decided to leave his seat.

Attack on Sangiuliano: “Anonymous letters to me”

It was Sangiuliano himself who reported the incident to Antitrust, to which Sgarbi made serious accusations. “I have not heard from Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano, we have not spoken to each other since October 23, when he gave me a delegation to deal with the Garisenda,” the art critic said. “I could not hear of anyone taking an anonymous letter and sending it to Antitrust. Anonymous letters are thrown away, honorable men do not accept anonymous letters.”

“Antitrust considered the indications of the anonymous letters to be reliable indicators and declared their non-compliance,” Sgarbi said. “I heard about it around 14.30 in the afternoon. I got on the plane and thought about organizing this free conference, thinking about what choice to make when I got off. This is the first conference of the new season where there is no conference incompatibility, otherwise I would not have been able to do this.”

“I also raise the issue for Nordio, who is speaking this evening,” he added. “If I am incompatible, the one who gives a lecture as a minister or undersecretary is also incompatible.”

Sgarbi: “I will object to TAR”

Then the announcement: “In any case, I will definitely apply to the TAR to say that I have no other profession, only one: to be a Sgarbi, to be an art historian.” And again: “I became the Undersecretary of Culture so as not to be silent, not to talk about art, not to present books, not to present exhibitions,” Sgarbi claimed. “I think I did what I had to do.” Later, when asked if he regretted resigning, he replied: “It’s not because I lack resources, I have a lot of friends.”

Antitrust investigations closed, decision within days

As Adnkronos understands, referring to what Vittorio Sgarbi declared when announcing his resignation from the undersecretary, Antitrust could close the investigation launched at the end of October into the critic’s activities “contradictory” with the following. According to the Frattini conflict of interest law. The verdict regarding possible activities that are incompatible with serving in the government should be announced on Monday. In the decision that started the trial, the closing date was determined as February 15.

Source: Today IT