Because Andrea Delmastro filed a lawsuit against Matteo Renzi for defamation

“I filed a complaint against Renzi for constantly insulting him. If he has something to say, go to the prosecutor’s office.” Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro said this today, Saturday, February 10, in Biella. The reference here is to the gunshot incident in Rosazza on New Year’s Eve, in which the escort leader’s son-in-law was injured.

In fact, during his second visit to Turin, Matteo Renzi encouraged him to present one of his books and invited the undersecretary for justice to take a DNA test regarding the incident.

“Delmastro will come to the Senate and tell the truth, we will continue our documentation because the truth will come out sooner or later. My suggestion to Delmastro is: ‘But tell you the truth before we reveal it ourselves.’ Let him tell the truth, but if he wants to continue with these circus antics, that’s “It’s his problem.”

The former prime minister later added: “It is clear that wrong reconstructions have been made in the case of the Undersecretary: when he goes to take out the garbage, when he loads the car. There are two things to do: first, after we put a question to Minister Nordio to find out whether the escort has the qualifications to do the sorting, we understand that he is not “And if the undersecretary is so calm, present his DNA and other public officials in that room will do the same. To confirm that there are no traces of people in public official positions on the gun.”

Also on the morning of Saturday, February 10, a dromedary appeared at the Fratelli d’Italia garrison in Biella, waiting for Matteo Renzi for a press conference on the Pozzolo case. “Militants say Renzi is the richest parliamentarian and his wealth comes from his consultancy to Saudi Arabia.”

Source: Today IT