Giorgia Meloni is upside down, storming over the museum director

There is a storm around Luca Dell’Atti, head of the Ostuni museum in the province of Brindisi. In fact, a photo of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni upside down appeared among the stories on her Instagram profile, among other content containing references to foibe and the Sanremo and Rai debates over how the Middle East conflict was handled. The shooting, which is a clear reference to the display of Benito Mussolini’s body in Piazzale Loreto on April 28, 1945, did not go unnoticed.

FdI provincial coordinator Luigi Caroli calls for Dell’Atti’s immediate dismissal: “We are faced with a shameful gesture of unprecedented brutality in the attack on the regional councilor of Fratelli D’Italia, and the mayor of Ostuni and the management of this situation, this photo “immediately cancels the role recently given to the person who published it. Whoever decides to take on this role must do so in a balanced, calm manner and with respect for institutions.”

Appeal to the mayor

The spokesperson of the Prime Minister’s party said, “This gesture by someone representing an institution directly tasked by the municipal government is truly deplorable. Conditions must be created for a new ‘democratic viability’ within the museum board. Otherwise.” There will be too many restrictions. Therefore, I immediately call on the mayor to remove him from office as he appointed him. “I believe the mayor will understand that the person who posted that photo must be removed without delay.”

Professor Luca Dell’Atti was appointed president of the museum at a press conference held together with the mayor of the White City last December 27. “I am honored by this nomination and thank the mayor for his trust, this is the most important cultural institution in our city,” Dell’Atti said. Following the controversy, Dell’Atti deleted the story from Instagram.

Source: Today IT