“Not an incompetent brother-in-law, but a competent Minister of Agriculture”

Matteo Renzi returns to attack Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Francesco Lollobrigida on Enews. “Agriculture – writes Renzi – needs a competent Minister, not an incompetent brother-in-law. That is why we are the only opposition that loudly calls for Lollobrigida’s resignation (obviously the others are afraid of the reaction of the Meloni family)”.

The leader of Italia Viva and director of Il Riformista, who is touring Italy to promote his new book “Palla al centro”, asked his supporters to sign an online petition calling for the resignation of “Italy’s brother-in-law”. Renzi explains: Someone who increases taxes on farmers and then tries to support tractor protests is not credible. Moreover, increasing taxes on farmers, as the Meloni/Salvini duo have done, is not just a problem for farmers: it is also a problem for citizens because it increases the final price for consumers. You will eventually find LolloTax in the supermarket trolley: this is Cognati d’Italia’s ridiculous mistake”.

Leopolda is back, it will be from March 8th to 10th

The senator from Scandicci then announced the date of the next Leopolda, the usual appointment that brings together militants of the Renzian religion who meet every year at the old Florence station: “The important appointment – continues in the newsletter of the IV leader – is: della Leopolda. 8 The March will be held from Friday to Sunday, March 10. And it will be a special edition. The start will be at 20.00 as always, but for those who come to Florence it will already be on Friday afternoon. Our European family Pde-Renew Europe’ It is possible to attend the launch of ‘s election campaign. On Sunday we will end, as always, at lunch. The title is ‘Reignite the stars'”.

“It is time to create a European army”

Renzi then returned to remarks made by former US president Donald Trump at his rally in Carolina, saying he would encourage Russia to have its way with NATO countries that do not pay their dues to the alliance for defense costs. Renzi writes: “I was struck by Donald Trump’s intervention in military spending; it confirmed America’s retreat in the event of his victory in the Presidential election. Europe must wake up. It is time to create the European army.”

Source: Today IT