Foibe, today is remembrance day. Meloni: “Inhuman horror, let’s not forget that pain”

Today is ‘Remembrance Day’ in memory of the Foibe massacres and the exodus from Istria. A celebration with Meloni and Tajani is planned in Trieste this morning, while Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano will be at the Colosseum with the president of the Lazio Region, Francesco Rocca. President Sergio Mattarella said on Friday that denying or minimizing what happened at the time was “an insult to the victims and an injury to the conscience.”

The anniversary is deeply felt on the right, especially among supporters and militants of the prime minister’s party. In her post on social media channels, Giorgia Meloni said, “Today, Italy honors the memory of those who were victims of this inhumane brutality and does not forget the pain of those who had to leave their homes and lands.” Love of ‘Italy’.

“I remember the outrage at the barbarism that Tito’s communists inflicted on thousands of our citizens simply because they were Italians,” Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida wrote on Facebook. “I remember the unbearable suffering of tens of thousands of Dalmatians, Istrians and Fiume exiles. I remember, so that a page that many tried to hide for so long has become more and more a shared memory and a shared feeling in our national conscience. I remember, because it will never happen again.”

League leader Matteo Salvini also wanted to commemorate the victims with his post on social media. “Today, February 10, we commemorate the thousands of men, women and children who were murdered by communist violence in Foibe after the Second World War, for the sole crime of being Italian,” we read. “A dark page of history that will be remembered and passed on to new generations.”

The deputy prime minister reminds that the Union “strongly wants a bill (approved by both Houses before final adoption in the Senate) providing for the organization of commemorative tours to historical sites for secondary schools, as well as university competitions in universities.” The best artistic installation in memory of the victims. “So that there will never be series A victims and series B victims again: We do not forget.” On the occasion of the day of remembrance, the facade of Montecitorio will be illuminated with three colors starting from 18.00 today.

Source: Today IT