Meloni gives up on helping farmers, Piantedosi refuses to let tractors on Sanremo stage

“In recent years, the Irpef exemption has been an unfair measure and has been particularly in favor of large entrepreneurs and companies with a high business volume. The government’s proposal is to help farmers in need by limiting the Irpef exemption to agricultural income and market days not exceeding the market days. So the Irpef exemption is not a privilege “There must be an intervention aimed at the most vulnerable, with concrete support for those who produce.” With these words, Giorgia Meloni announced that he will reintroduce the Irpef exemption for farmers whose income does not exceed ten thousand euros, which was abolished in the last budget.

If not an unconditional surrender, we came close: the Prime Minister did not even want to meet with the demonstrators until the end, describing their anger as an “ideological reading”. The restoration of the Irpef exemption was contained in a document presented by Coldiretti chairman Ettore Prandini at a meeting in Palazzo Chigi attended by the prime minister, presidential undersecretary Mantovano, deputy prime ministers Tajani and Salvini. ministers Lollobrigida, Giorgetti, Piantedosi, Fitto, Ciriani and Calderone. Among the demands in the document is a reduction in contribution fees for new agricultural enterprises opened by young people.

Difficulty in government

This decision marks a new move in the now endless chess game that the Prime Minister is playing considering the challenges facing Europe: Matteo Salvini has been quite active in recent days in containing the protest and bringing part of the tractor movement. He went so far as to criticize some of his own government’s choices. Even on the restoration of the Irpef cut announced by the Prime Minister, the Northern League leader reiterated: “For me this is a starting point and I believe more can be done”.

And there is also a veiled criticism from Antonio Tajani, the other deputy prime minister and leader of Forza Italia: “We need to change gears – he explains – we need a strategic vision, we do not need a cure for today’s problem, and we just need to send a message to those who gave the manifesto.” “There is no need. We need to talk to the majority of the agricultural world to have a perspective that allows agriculture to represent a key sector of the economy.”

“For me this is a starting point and I believe more can be done.” Thus, Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is talking about the reintroduction of the Irpef exemption for agricultural and market incomes not exceeding ten thousand euros.

On the other hand, Fratelli d’Italia can now boast of a solid relationship with Coldiretti: the largest farmers’ union has long been a kind of “armed wing” of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty led by Francesco Lollobrigida. He fulfilled all the wishes of the legislature; Banning the production and sale of the famous “synthetic meat”, which is not synthetic but above all has not yet been put on the market.

Everyone is against Europe

What unites all the souls of the government is the attempt to use the protest to attack the European Union and to act as if they are not jointly responsible for measures such as the food CAP, measures voted for by all parties trying to get on their feet today. tractors invading the streets. “I think you will notice that in recent months there has been an increase in resources in favor of the sector, and this is a significant increase, despite a difficult budget situation, as you know very well. It is not possible to do this in sixteen months. Meloni is one step further from Ursula von der Leyen’s “We managed to persuade the Commission to eliminate pesticides,” he told representatives of the acronyms, explaining that “what they want to do will not lead to a reduction in pollution, but will only benefit other economies compared to the European economy.” Salvini is certainly more heroic and uses increasingly strong tones against the EU: “First of all, we need to review the crazy, suicidal, short-sighted European policies against Italian farmers, breeders and fishermen, in the interest of a few multinationals and a few countries. Pride We need to go to Brussels to hear and defend,” he said as he met with a group of demonstrators.

Boccia (PD): “Inappropriate response of the government”

The Meloni government’s retreat did not go unnoticed by the opposition, which openly attacked: “The statement announced today by Giorgia Meloni – the statement of the Dem senators’ chairman, Francesco Boccia – is an indecent reverse. Minister Lollobrigida and minister Giorgetti to obstruct his government. The Prime Minister, who was put on the grill because of the farmers’ protest, is trying to reverse his steps.” Deciding on Irpef exemption for agricultural and market income not exceeding ten thousand euros. I remind Giorgia Meloni that we are living in the energy crisis. Irpef exemption on field and agricultural income, tax credit on fuel, Irpef exemption for young farmers, fertilizer and pesticides tax credits, as well as other measures affecting individual sectors such as grain, fruits and vegetables, were guaranteed. The Democratic Party had submitted amendments providing resources to support individual agricultural sectors in crisis and demanded the approval of the Irpef exemption for agricultural entrepreneurs and direct farmers. The government and the majority said no . Today Giorgia Meloni is forced to admit that the agricultural world needs support, despite the pressure of the Union. “A real U-turn by a government that has to deal with the failure of its own propaganda every day.”

Confagricoltura: “Exemption concerns everyone”

“We greatly appreciated the objectives and priority program announced by the Government and particularly welcome the opening of a table with the Government on the work issue.” said Massimiliano Giansanti, president of Confagricoltura, as he left Palazzo Chigi. “On our behalf,” he continued, “we underlined that the restoration of the Irpef exemption should cover all farmers who have been in a difficult situation for some time due to falling prices at the source, while production costs remain high”.

No Ariston stage for tractors

Meanwhile, tractors hoping to take to the stage at the Ariston Theater on the fourth evening of the Sanremo festival, perhaps accompanied by the Ercolina 2 cows, will have to change their plans. In fact, Rai denied them permission and they will have to make do with a proclamation read by Amadeus. “The decision not to allow protesters to take to the Sanremo stage with tractors was a choice shared with Interior Minister Piantedosi,” CEO Roberto Sergio said. A few hours later, a press release from the same company partially denied this: “The decision, stating the Rai press office, was taken solely by the Rai CEO, who forwarded this to the competent authorities”.

Source: Today IT