Bandecchi: “I will be Prime Minister, if there is a need for a leader, I would like to be one too”

“The undersigned Stefano Bandecchi hereby submits his resignation from the post of Mayor of the City of Terni. Best regards”. With this sincere and reasoned resignation letter, accompanied by a digital signature (not a secondary detail… applicable by copying and pasting), Stefano Bandecchi gave the green light to citizens serving in the capital of Umbria. Just nine months ago their confidence in him raised high hopes for reasons the country’s top political analysts have yet to explain.

In the hours following the farewell announcement, which the former mayor entrusted to his social media channels, various hypotheses were put forward: one talked about the discontent in his own party, Popular Alternative, after the unsuccessful congress on January 27, others suggested that he had bought 20 million euros from his Unicusano, ordered by the Financial Police last year. It was assumed that new legal problems would arise after the seizure, while some pointed out that this desire, which Bandecchi himself has repeatedly expressed, will become a candidate in the next European elections. If elected, they had to resign as mayor.

Bandecchi did not give up: “I want to be a leader”

The only hypothesis that no one dares – rightly so – is that the former president of Ternana died of electrocution on the road to Damascus and decided to retire to private life after realizing that politics was not for him; Terni said she felt a sense of existential discomfort mixed with embarrassment after watching months-long videos of awkward excursions, sexist conversations and near-fights between city council benches. However, the statement “So we will not face the danger of the Bandecchia dictatorship” expressed in the video announcement may evoke a kind of veiled regret. None of this: Bandecchi took office again a few hours after his heartfelt resignation: “I will run for the European elections as leader in all constituencies, I hope to reach 4 percent,” he said, speaking on the radio program “Gli inascoltabili”. (the title is a complete program) It is broadcast on Radio Roma Sound.

Nothing new so far. The former mayor had previously announced his candidacy on other occasions, but this time he went further and clearly revealed his true purpose: “It is clear that I will be the Prime Minister, he threatened me, so much so that the things I want to do are clear. No one else can do this to the nation. Three years and eight months In it I will make the Popular Alternative one of the most important parties: this will make the difference because Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia have many voters and the Democratic Party knows that they must vote for “the only man who can solve the problem”. If every five years we have a leader If it’s going to happen, I want to be that person.

“Meloni is a shame”

The promising leader then explained why the Italians would choose him in his shameless opinion: “To you – he said – despite all the imbeciles of the last thirty years in Italy, where Giuseppe Conte is prime minister, I can say: Up? I would tell everyone to take a daisy .” Of the many things he has said in these months that we have known him (to ourselves), this last sentence is perhaps the least objectionable: Italians have more than proven that they can vote for anything. Finally, a polite attack on Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni: “It’s a shame: he said a lot of stupid things and didn’t realize a single one of them,” he said.

In short, Stefano Bandecchi will somehow still have people talking about him. Who knows, maybe one day he will even become Prime Minister and be called ‘duce’. After all, on January 27, 1994, after the combined network video in which the most famous football player in the history of the Republic appeared on the field, many “big names” commented ironically and explained to the youth of that time that this match would continue. a few weeks. We all know how it ends.

Source: Today IT