After the demobilization of tractors, Irpef’s agricultural income was halved to 15 thousand euros

Exemption from payment of agricultural and land income up to 10,000 euros and a 50% discount on the amount payable for incomes between 10,000 and 15,000 euros. The change the government is working on for farmers will also ensure this. A rule that will only concern professional agricultural entrepreneurs and direct growers as individuals or in simple companies.

Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and deputy minister Maurizio Leo, in close contact with minister Francesco Lollobrigida, are preparing a reshuffle of government that certifies majority agreement.

While the majority meeting on the Milleproroghe decree continued in the Parliament, Matteo Salvini called a meeting of party leaders to talk about the agricultural file. The Union’s agenda includes increasing the Irpef exemption (over 10 thousand euros), approving the Northern League’s proposal on price control and production costs, and accelerating measures to limit the damage caused to wildlife.

Regarding the Irpef, Salvini explains, “We want to involve a greater number of agricultural entrepreneurs and add other resources beyond what has already been assumed,” announcing his intention to extend the agricultural Irpef exemption to professional farmers by up to 30 thousand euros.

On this occasion, the Union reiterates its clear opposition to European negotiations with South America. “The agreement with the Mercosur countries, which Brussels is working on without giving any real guarantees of compliance with standards similar to ours, will pose a danger to Italian producers, as products that do not give the same guarantees as ours will arrive on our tables.” , says Carroccio.

“A clear and fair concept must be applied” on the issue, says Undersecretary Patrizio La Pietra, after receiving a delegation from Riscatto Agricolo: “No to a generalized exemption that also applies to large companies and yes to meeting farmers with lower incomes, the Irpef exemption not exceeding 10,000 euros “It should be limited to agricultural and market income. The majority of farmers will benefit from this,” he points out.

On Friday, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, together with some ministers, met with trade associations at Palazzo Chigi, and after the meeting, Lollobrigida received a delegation of demonstrators who participated in the tractor protests in Masaf, which are still received today. Masaf reached an agreement for a discussion table with the acronym Riscatto Agricolo: “The doors of the Ministry are and will be open to everyone, unions, enterprises, organizations; look at the example of Riscatto Agricolo, which cares about the problem like us. The future of agriculture, because by defending agriculture we also defend our future”, explains La Pietra on the sidelines of the conversation.

Betrayed by the Cra-Farmers, the group led by Danilo Calvani is more combative and announced a new protest at Circus Maximus on Thursday at 15:00; It seems that Riscatto Agricolo will not agree and instead says he is ready to demobilize his activists. garrison in the capital.

Source: Today IT