De Luca, Renzi is also with Meloni: insults to the prime minister are an exaggeration

Matteo Renzi reprimands Vincenzo De Luca. During a press conference in Taranto, the leader of Italia Viva spoke about the political controversy of the last few hours, arising from the “straight” spoken by the president of Campania to Giorgia Meloni: “The reform of the prime minister and this autonomy has nothing to do with each other, they are linked by a political pact. After that, the central point is that autonomy is a reform that is neither in heaven nor on earth, it is wrong and poorly written… The reasoning is different in the fact that Vincenzo De Luca, when organizing yesterday’s demonstration, very well attended and with many very good merit arguments, he exaggerated his words. You can say what you want, but you cannot insult the prime minister.”

Another topic addressed by Renzi is the aid to be allocated to the South: “Today we have around 600 million made available to Albania to bring between 1,500 and 3,000 migrants there. If 3,000 migrants cost 600 million euros, in a country that has around 150 thousand migrants it would mean spending 30 billion euros that if we could give to the South to avoid emigration it would work much better”.

Source: IL Tempo