Crippa denies the agreement between Putin and Salvini, explaining the agreement between United Russia and the Union

“This agreement is not legally binding and is merely an indication of the Parties’ interest in interaction and cooperation”. The union’s deputy secretary, Andrea Crippa, probably refers to this last point of the agreement between the party of Matteo Salvini and the party of Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin, to ease the weight of a document signed on March 6, 2017, which is still valid “to occur on the same day in 2022 incoming “automatic renewal”.

“There was never an agreement with United Russia,” Crippa told reporters at Transatlantic. “From my point of view, since I was the youth coordinator, there was a meeting where we signed a memorandum of understanding. We were told that we think the same way on some issues related to values. Journalists invented the agreements “did.” In short, Salvini’s deputy does not like the word “agreement” and prefers to describe it as “memorandum”. Having overlooked the concept of “value issues”, very slippery due to an ongoing occupation and with the still warm corpse of a dissident sent to death in the Siberian “Arctic Wolf” prison, “agreed” on the first point of the “memorandum” Parties (Union and United Russia), Russian Federation and will consult and exchange information on current issues of the situation in the Italian Republic, bilateral and international relations, party structure, exchange of experience in the field of organized work. , policies for youth, economic development and policies in other areas of common interest”. Perhaps Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Defense Minister Guido Crosetto may not be happy with the fact that what was signed was a “memorandum”, given that the “parties” are two parties in the government with access to sensitive information .and not a “deal”.

“The contract is fake, we signed it to take photos”

“Increasingly annoyed, Crippa asks, “Does anyone have an agreement between the League and Putin or a party that talks about Putin? No, then why are you asking if this agreement is still valid since you never made it? I had a meeting, we agreed on some issues.” “We said, and since we had to take photos with the journalists, we said ‘let’s put this in black and white and take photos while signing. The agreements in my house are stamped, certified, and have legal value. Journalists in Italy decided that we should either be friends, or even at the expense of the Russians.” This is where the story gets complicated: Matteo Salvini’s League and Vladimir Putin’s party decide to agree on a set of points during a meeting and put them in black and white to pose for photos with journalists. Maybe that’s what the Union’s deputy secretary means when he calls it a “journalistic breakthrough.” What Crippa proposes is to write down, in a few minutes, two lines that have no real value because they are not stamped and verified, in order to immortalize a harmless and friendly meeting. It is strange that in the preface of these two lines we read: “The Russian national political party ‘United Russia’, represented by SV Zhelezniak, deputy general secretary of the council for international relations, acts in accordance with the party charter and presidential decrees. On the one hand, the party’s general meeting of November 28, 2016 board, on the other hand, the political party ‘Lega Nord’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Parties’) in the person of party president Matteo Salvini… as follows”. A very detailed two-line formula written in a few minutes.

Controversial points

In addition to the first point, the “memorandum” can also be highly insecure with respect to at least two other targets. In addition to promoting cultural twinning of various types, article 4 states: “The parties promote the creation of relations between deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the legislature of the Italian Republic elected by the party. Russian national politician ‘United Russia’ and ‘Northern League “The political party also organizes the exchange of experience in legislative activities.” Also in this case, since ‘United Russia’ is the ruling party of a state at war and is endorsed by the entire West, there is also the existence of a document establishing relations between Russia’s representatives (each addressing it as they see fit). Two parliaments This is certainly something remarkable. Just as Article 7 is noteworthy: “The Parties shall promote cooperation between the two countries in the economic, trade and investment sectors”. Once upon a time there were sanctions on Russia.

Calenda: “Crippa is lying, this is called a deal”

In short, to deny that there is an agreement between Matteo Salvini’s party and Vladimir Putin’s party, Crippa confirms the existence of a document signed by the two “Parties”. What many people, including Action leader Carlo Calenda, who threatened to file a motion of no confidence against the deputy prime minister, are rightly wondering why this ‘memorandum’ has not been canceled in 2022. Calenda explains: “It’s called an agreement, not a memorandum on issues of values. Go and see the fanfare with which Salvini signed this agreement on social media. If they canceled it, let them show a letter showing that they canceled it. What is it?” “It’s not like the agreement never existed, there’s a text and an automatic renewal date. Crippa is lying about this. The union said they were going to sue me, let them do that.”

Source: Today IT