Third term, psychodrama is in the Democratic Party: Bonaccini’s attack on Schlein

The third term of regional presidents divides the majority and unites the Pd and the 5 Star Movement in voting. However, Matteo Salvini explains that “there will be no problems in the majority. The League’s position is clear, but we are in a democracy: from time to time the League’s proposals are approved, other times, as in this case, they are rejected because everyone else, Forza Italia, Brothers of Italy, Pd, M5s are against. In my opinion it is a mistake.” As often happens, it is the Democratic Party that is confused. “Strong disappointment with the Democratic Party’s vote in the Senate Committee. The commitment made to safeguard the unity of the Democratic Party was not respected. Therefore, the Democratic Party has split”, report sources from Energia Popolare, an internal current of the Democratic Party organized around President Stefano Bonaccini. “We will have to manage the discontent of mayors and regional presidents and, after the vote in Sardinia, this will be discussed”, add the same sources. In short, what could have been an advantage for Elly Schlein in the dialectic with the majority became the usual psychodrama.

The “no” of the FdI and FI in the Senate Constitutional Affairs Committee to the League’s proposal, rejected by the committee, has no impact on the compactness and activity of the government. The leader of via Bellerio, Matteo Salvini, emphasizes this again, the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Luca Ciriani, declares it, as do other exponents of Giorgia Meloni’s party and Forza Italia. The fact that Veneto’s future under the leadership of Northern League member Luca Zaia is also at stake has been highlighted by many in recent weeks. But the game will be played within a year and today’s criticism of the ban on governors exceeding two terms does not necessarily mark the end of the debate and the possibility of bringing this result home.

Even today, the oppositions did not follow a specific order: Italy alive voted in favor of the ‘knot of mandates’, the Action did not participate, the Autonomies abstained, but the Pd and M5 united in the ‘no’, after hours in which they sought a common point of collapse among all minorities. Then the Bonaccini attack on Schlein, which ignites the powder keg.

Source: IL Tempo