Congress president denounces fraud that has altered his image and voice

The President of Congress, the Senator Name Ivanof the Green Alliance, this Friday on their social networks denounced a “scam“with his image and his voice that has apparently been worked with artificial intelligence.

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“I learned that a few minutes ago social networks and in particular on Facebook there is a video circulating in which it is modified using artificial intelligence my image and my voiceas well as that of Senator Mauricio Gómez Amín, apparently for the purpose of one scam“the head of the legislature warned.

The possible scam would have to do with an alleged investment law that the Capitol.

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‘I inform the public that the information on the basis of which an investment law has recently been adopted, and I ask the authorities an in-depth investigation into the facts complaint‘ reads Name Vásquez’s social media post.

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Source: El Heraldo