Meloni broadcasts Scurati’s monologue: “I don’t know what the truth is, but I don’t want censorship”

Giorgia Meloni decided to publish Antonio Scurati’s monologue on her Facebook page, which was removed from the Rai program, causing cries of censorship. “In an Italy full of problems, even today the left is building a cause. This time it is the claim that Scurati’s monologue to celebrate April 25 was censored,” the Prime Minister wrote. “The left is shouting at the regime, Rai says that the regime refuses to pay 1800 euros (the monthly salary of many employees) for a one-minute monologue. I do not know what the truth is, but I will calmly publish the text The monologue (which I hope I will not have to pay) has two reasons: 1) Because the public Those who have always been excluded and censored by the service will never demand censorship from anyone, even those who think their propaganda against the government is bad. The Prime Minister stated that before publishing the entire speech, it should be paid for with citizens’ money.

The author was supposed to present a monologue about Rai3 as part of Serena Bortone’s “CheSarà” program, but her talk was later cancelled. “Until the word anti-fascism is uttered by those who govern us, the specter of fascism will continue to haunt the house of Italian democracy,” he wrote in the text in which he wrote that the winner of the Strega award should speak.

Source: Today IT