Schlein with his name on the symbol: the Democratic Party becomes leader, but cannot say it

Elly Schlein dissolved the reserve and decided to enter the field: “I am available to help with a spirit of service, I am running to give a boost to this wonderful team and to a project of change in the Democratic Party and in the country”, she said during her report to the party leadership in Nazareno. The secretary of the Democratic Party will be the leader in the Center and the Islands. They started late because a heated discussion broke out about the possibility of including Schlein’s name in the party’s election campaign. The president of the Emilia-Romagna region proposed this measure. Provenzano, Marco Sarracino and Debora Serracchiani said they were against it. “In the European elections, the Democratic Party votes, not the secretary. The name on the symbol was inserted only once, in the elections with Veltroni. Even with Bersani and Renzi, this proposal was rejected”: this is the reflection that was made in the question.

“No” to the name of Elly Schlein in the Pd symbol for the European elections. Gianni Cuperlo said this in his speech to the Administration. “The name on the symbol is for monocratic elections, in the European elections we must vote for the Democratic Party”, said the Democratic deputy. There is no shortage of criticism of a Democratic Party that becomes leader and yet cannot say so. “He said that it was necessary to say enough is enough with the party of me, that it is necessary to create the party of us. And she ended up putting his name on the symbol, like Berlusconi who had already done this long before her, to try to transform the Democratic Party into the new PdS, Schlein’s Party Archive hours and hours of thoughtful sermons from the left-wing Sanhedrin against the personalist tendency and against the leader of the narcissistic group in the Senate of Italia Viva.

Source: IL Tempo