Video: Uribe criticizes the pact between the government and the EPS

The ex-president Alvaro Uribe this Sunday questioned the pact between the government and the EPS making them agree to become Health and Life Managers, for which a new abbreviated health reform will be presented to the Congress of the Republic.

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The natural leader of the Democratic Center that the agreement “does not change the basic principles of the harmful official proposal. The obligation to join the Government Health Center remains in place, which is equivalent to political registration, which can limit citizens’ rights. And without necessity because connection It has not been a problem.”

He also said that they are assigning the EPS or Managers a number of collaborative tasks with the new system that they currently have to fulfill as insurers: “They go from being insurers with the greatest responsibilities, subject to the protection of the citizen and controlled by the Superintendency, Appendices Government and Politics”.

Likewise, the former president wondered whether the State will opt for the Network of Providers or the group of hospitals. The EPS today opts for the network, with the possibility that the state will require them to expand it. Therefore, he noted that “From now on they would have a marginal participation in the organization of the networks in the areas, which can be interpreted as remote areas. Today they have to take responsibility for all care, including the greatest complexity. As managers, they would intervene and intrigue so that the competent public and political entities would accept the patient’s referral.”

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And the political leader of the opposition came to the conclusion that there is an agreement between the government and the EPS actors, “which they apparently accept under pressure or pressure,” without citizen consent. This imposition that the government’s EPS accepts is the channel for the next step: the cancellation of private hospitals and non-profit foundations.”

For this reason he invited us to think about an alternative: “Claim the citizen’s right to choose. In a country full of cooperatives, mutual societies, foundations, compensation funds, good private companies, insurers, medical and hospital associations, the freedom must be given to citizens, with all the requirements of solidarity, to join the health insurance schemes offered by the listed entities. “.

Source: El Heraldo