Chico Forti, reverse M5 crusade: they fought for him, now they are outraged by his return

They failed to abolish poverty and now they are trying to abolish the truth. In order not to recognize the success of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who achieved the impossible task of bringing Chico Forti home, now the grillini renounce their battles for the innocence of the TV producer, sentenced to life in prison without parole in the United States for murder by Dale Pike, which took place on February 15, 1998. The objective is to transform our compatriot, considered by the exponents of the Movement to be the victim of a judicial error, into a ruthless killer.

The “dirty work” is done by Il Fatto Quotidiano with the headline: «Welcome killer». A stab at the Forti family. Especially because director Marco Travaglio held very different positions when the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio, on December 23, 2020, announced the transfer agreement, which ended up being a failure. That day, the newspaper 5 Estrelas spoke of an “important event” and Travaglio relaunched the “beautiful news” of the return of the “ex-television producer and ex-Italian sailor”.

Four years have passed and the government has changed, Chico is an intermittent killer. Yesterday, Il Fatto took things up a notch, with the «Forti Scandal» and an interview with the former anti-mafia prosecutor and now M5S deputy, De Raho: «Meloni degrades the State: honors the victims, not the condemned». It doesn’t matter that Chico managed to get out of that maximum security prison in Miami thanks to the victim’s family, following a letter from Dale’s brother, Bradley, who asked the American government to release him because “he is innocent”.

The team’s order is to abolish the truth, to erase with a stroke of a sponge every hug with Forte, every parliamentary question, every initiative implemented to save him, before Giorgia arrives. Rewrite history and transform Chico from a conspirator into a murderer, even though he is not the true perpetrator of the crime. Of course, mystification is difficult, because the link between the Five Star Movement and Forti is close. In 2012, the late judge Ferdinando Imposimato, ideally with the 5S who wanted him president of the Republic, took on the Italian’s defense and highlighted how the sentence was “a judicial horror”. In 2019, during Conte I, the Prime Minister’s undersecretary Riccardo Fraccaro, during a conference called by the grillini in the Chamber for Chico, highlighted how the government’s intention was “not to abandon any of the possible paths” to “seek to bring Forti back even though it is prisoner” to “have our compatriot here and be close to him”. Meanwhile, a series of parliamentary questions arise, presented by the now former Movement deputy, Emanuela Corda, who in 2016 participated in a meeting with the family in Trento to evaluate the actions to be taken for the purposes of the transfer.

Finally, Giuseppe Conte, as Prime Minister, on December 23, 2020, defined the return (non-return) of the Italian as “really good news”. An “important result” for which he congratulated Di Maio. At least Conte praised Meloni.

Source: IL Tempo