Why is the government delaying in implementing the general budget?

In Casa de Nariño, things have not started in the best way in 2024.

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Neither at the level of perception, nor at the level of agreements, nor at what is important: the content, the work, what is visible to the average citizen. The above was reflected in a The auditor’s report on the implementation rate of the collected general budget of the nation, where it was clear that as of March 31, 2024, the government would only an advance of 9.1%, the lowest compared to the past three periods; 2021, 10.3%; 2022, 16.3%; 2023, 11.5%.

The alarming figures, which show that the government is facing enormous difficulties in its implementation regions of the countrywarn that in the implementation indicators per type of expenditure the Presidency of the Republic and the Sports and Recreation sector were the sectors that showed the best lower execution rates.

In addition, the monitoring body pointed out that from April 17, the newly created Ministry of Equality and Equality, one of the projects for which the Vice President Francia Márquez and for which a credit of 400 billion dollars in investment costs has been reserved, has not been implemented “at the level of obligations”. The Ministry of the Interior followed the same line and presented a percentage of 0.8%.

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“Other sectors with poor execution were: Work sector, with an allocation of $44.3 billion (operations, $38.5 billion, and investments, $5.9 billion), and a total execution indicator of 4.4% (operations, 3.7%, and investments, 8.9%) .

Agricultural sector, With a credit of $9.2 billion (operations, $1.2 billion, and capital expenditures, $7.9 billion), it has done 14% operationally and only 2.6% in capital expenditures,” the document said.

Due to the above, members from different political sectors took the opportunity to attack President Gustavo Petro.

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“The numbers speak for themselves: investment in the country during this period barely reached 9.1%, which is significantly lower than the average of the past five years and even lower than last year’s record, which was 11.5% . While President Gustavo Petro is determined to blame the opposition for his terrible management as president, figures are emerging that prove us right once again. “We are dealing with an inefficient and inept government,” said Senator Miguel Uribe Turbay of the Democratic Center.

Source: El Heraldo