EU green deal, Vannacci attack: “Green colored Marxism”

“They want to convince us that the green revolution is convenient, but it’s a lie. The European Green Deal and climate justice are nothing more than Marxism painted green.” General Roberto Vannacci, League candidate in the European elections, said this in Pisa to present his latest book.

«In California – Vannacci explained – the cost of clean energy is very high, in Texas it costs half the price of fossil fuels. Finland, with the entry into operation of a nuclear plant, reduced its bill rates by 75%. All European mobility that burns fuels and hydrocarbons is worth 1% of global emissions. If we stopped everything we would not have the promised results but only costs worth billions that we would pay. This is a tax and if we don’t change this provision, we will all pay.” Recalling some actions by Ultima Generazione activists, Vannacci concluded: “The climate justice they talk about is this: rich capitalists must pay the costs, but everyone must benefit from it. It’s Marxism painted in green.”

Source: IL Tempo