Khaoula Kanjaoui: Lawyer running for office and steeped in social hatred

He’s running for city council and is mired in social hatred. The same thing happened to 30-year-old lawyer Khaoula Kanjaoui, who is originally from Morocco but has been in Italy since the age of two, and decided to run as a candidate in the local elections in Maranello, Modena province, with ‘Italy’s Italy’. Future list is a political movement fighting “for vocational training, a united Europe, law and culture” (we quote from their Facebook page). However, Kanjaoui’s attacks are not due to his political ideas but to his non-Italian origins. In short, the usual racism that never fails.

Kanjaoui, a lawyer from the Modena Bar Association, specializes in immigration law. “I am applying – we read in a post published by the Italia del Futuro list – because I represent two cultures and I want to offer my knowledge to the community in order to make a tangible contribution to the well-being of society.” However, not all of the comments are positive. “Concrete aid for ethnic change,” one reads. “Okay!! I specialize in immigration law. Fuck you…” says another user. “Don’t they need lawyers where you come from?” “Get out of Italy,” someone else booms. And again: “I prefer the right to export”, “where does this come from”, “we don’t need you”. It must be said that most users defended the prospective councillor. There are also immigrants who offer to vote so that “no one should make us tell you to go to your country.”

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It’s clear that the young lawyer doesn’t intend to make a profit for the haters. “Xenophobic comments,” explains Kanjaoui, “are the result of the political context that legitimizes hatred and intolerance, which is exactly why I believe my candidacy is necessary, given that it is a positive example of integration.”

“While the comments only refer to the origins of Khaoula, an Italian citizen who came to our country at the age of 2, they do not stop thinking and evaluating him as a person,” said Italia del Futuro president Davide Nostrini. Khaoula is a respected lawyer who specializes in helping citizens, especially the most vulnerable, know and exercise their rights”. Governor Bonaccini also intervened: “I extend a big hug to Khaoula Kanjaoui, candidate for Maranello city council, for the serious racist insults directed at her and express all the solidarity of the democratic society.” I want to send – one post reads – Go Khaoula, we are with you.”

Source: Today IT