Roberto Vannacci defends Pope Francis: “Words in common use”

Controversy over Pope Francis’ words about “fags” among seminarians. «These are words that are used in common jargon and should not shock anyone. These are expressions of a familiar nature and it is absurd for someone to scream heretic, we are dealing with the usual absurdity of political correctness.” Thus, General Roberto Vannacci, independent candidate on the League’s list in the European elections, comments with on the words that the Pope supposedly said yesterday. But the key point for Vannacci is “double standards”. Why didn’t anyone stand up? Why weren’t 104 out of 104 Italian Public Prosecutor’s Offices exposed as happened with the petition? And how come no one says anything and no one is scandalized, starting with the Honorable Zan who claims that I am dangerous and violent and dispels hatred?”

«All of this testifies to the total hypocrisy of the left and the various LGBTQ associations, etc… that when the undersigned speaks they organize demonstrations in the square and when the Pope speaks they remain silent and let everything go unnoticed, even avoiding highlighting what happened. Stop this hypocrisy”, concludes Vannacci.

Source: IL Tempo