“I have no ties with health authorities, correct your complaint president”

The former vice president and natural leader of Cambio Radical, German Vargas Lleras, the president asked Gustavo Petro to correct allegations against him amid the healthcare system crisis.

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“President Petro, it is unfortunate that today, to cover up Sura’s departure from the health care system, you are holding the Vargas Lleras family responsible for their bankruptcy.You and your government are the only ones responsible for the fact that insurers will lose $2.1 trillion by 2023, for a cumulative loss of $6 billion. It is you who took over Nueva EPS, Sanitas, Compensar, now Sura, and five others who intervened. His administration was the one that caused teacher health to collapse; the same path that awaits us, 34 million Colombians, who today are at the mercy of their government,” the former presidential candidate also wrote on his social networks.

He also denied the head of state saying, “I have no affiliation with any entity in the healthcare system, nor have I in my lifetime, to receive such a complaint from him, which I request is rectified.”

Petro previously stated on his social networks: “In recent months, the Senate has turned its back on solving the health problem of Colombians. “This damage is very serious and must be repaired as quickly as possible.”

He added that “the healthcare system with public financial intermediation is unsustainable. The Senate rejected the reform it could support. Today we discover that they hid debts of almost 5 billion pesos in the New EPS in 2023. The Vargas Lleras family “must respond to this enormous loss of public funds and unpaid clinics and hospitals.”

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And he concluded by saying that “healthcare companies that have been transformed into insurers cannot support themselves because they have to guarantee technical reserves that are also financed with public funds. The government proposed to transform them into healthcare managers without these requirements, with the state taking responsibility.” role of universal insurer. The Senate rejected the proposal and, As I said for over a year, “Failing health care reform will create a domino effect of EPS bankruptcy.”

Source: El Heraldo