Councilors of Florence, Funaro and Schmidt in the second round: the decisive challenge and the “weight” of the Renzianos

The vote on June 23 and 24 will determine Dario Nardella’s successor as head of Florence. The first round ended with Sara Funaro, center-left candidate, ahead with 42% of the votes. The Social Security Councilor will face Eike Schmidt, who exceeded 33%. Below expectations Stefania Saccardi, from Italia Viva, stopped at 7%. One step below Cecilia Del Re (6), former councilor removed by Nardella for different opinions on the tram and leader of the radical left, Dmitrij Palagi (5).

Appearances, more or less explicit, will determine the final triumph. Three parties, with different histories, but with the awareness of playing an important part in its future. A game of chess that will keep the city glued for the next two weeks. “I’m very happy, it’s a great result for us. The civic candidacy works. We always said that we needed to reach more than 30% to get to the polls and we did.” This was said by Eike Schmidt, candidate for mayor of Florence for the center-right, commenting at the headquarters of his electoral commission on the results of the first round that led him to to the second round against Sara Funaro. “I appeal to you – added Schmidt – for us to focus on the programs we offer. Florence suffers from a situation of insecurity and degradation, along with other problems such as traffic. of the PD in Florence lost votes, in contrast to what happened nationally.”

Source: IL Tempo