“He looks like a bellboy who doesn’t get tips.” Vannacci angers La7 reporter

“He looks like an uninformed child.” With this not-so-graceful statement, General Roberto Vannacci, newly elected to the European Parliament with Matteo Salvini’s Union, addressed La7 correspondent Elena Testi in the broadcast “L’aria che tira” hosted by David Parenzo.

When the reporter finally managed to reach him to ask for his assessment of the ongoing negotiations in Brussels, the senior official said, “It seems to me that yesterday’s vote does not respect the parliamentary vote that took place a few days ago.” Even commenting on the Northern League leader’s remarks about a coup, Vannacci replied, “So why does he have to put words in my mouth that I did not say?” with a visibly irritated look. “It seems clear to me that there was a popular movement that sent a clear signal and it was not received. I have already met with representatives of Identity and Democracy,” he added.

When asked what the League delegation would do if Giorgia Meloni votes in favor of Ursula von der Leyen, the Northern League’s “independent” representative replied: “We will take this into account and then make the necessary comments.” we can’t predict the times”. Finally, a joke about alleged refunds for dinners that were never consumed while on assignment in Russia: “This is bar or boutique talk, as usual,” Vannacci replied – because neither I nor my lawyer have any information from the power of attorney “We did not receive any official documents.”

Source: Today IT