Gay Party Challenges Democratic Party: “No Support for Marriage”

Gay Party Challenges Democratic Party: “No Support for Marriage”

There are only talk and nice words about rights, but facts are scarce. The LGBT+ world is calling the Democratic Party to account. In the referendum on marriage equality, a fundamental right that recognizes the full dignity of all couples, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, the Democrats continue to stand out for their hesitations.

When the bill was presented in January 2022, the Democratic leaders of the time, from Letta to Zan, did not show up. Although today, of the five regions governed by the progressives, in fact only Sardinia, led by the new President Todde, would have responded concretely to the question posed by the Committee for Marriage Equality and the LGBT+ Gay Party. No response, however, would have come from Campania, Tuscany, Puglia and Emilia Romagna, led until a few days ago by the party president Stefano Bonaccini.

In this last case in particular, time is running out, given that the last date for approval of the documentation relating to the approval of the issue is July 12. “60% of Italians,” says Fabrizio Marrazzo, spokesperson for the Gay LGBT+, Solidarity, Environmentalist, Liberal Party, “are in favour of a change, which would be an important step forward for Italy. However, we are talking about a goal that we cannot achieve alone. We need the help of everyone who wants to combat inequalities, starting with the movements that have exposed themselves to our battles.”

It is not an easy goal, for example, to collect the 500,000 signatures needed to hold the referendum. “In this sense,” the activist argues, “we need the same commitment that we have had in recent days on differentiated autonomy. Otherwise, we risk hitting a wall. I welcome the statements, the words of change and the participation of Secretary Schlein in the Pride events held throughout the country, but now is the time for this political action to materialize, pursuing initiatives that can really change the status quo. The referendum on Marriage Equality, in this sense, is an essential path. That is why we ask Elly to commit to what she promised us.” The first tenant of the Nazareno, in fact, met the spokesperson of the LGBT+ Gay Party several months ago, in a discussion held in Cagliari following the results of the regional elections.

“At that time,” explains Marrazzo, “Schlein told us that he was in favour of same-sex marriage, but that he wanted to understand its viability in the referendum. I hope that next week he will be with us at the Supreme Court to present the referendum issue and take it to the Emilia Romagna Region so that it can be approved together with that of the Autonomous Region. The 5 Star Movement has already taken steps in this direction. Now it is the turn of the Democratic Party and the secretary’s voice and support would be an added value.” The reference is, in particular, to the group of PD councillors who hold the majority in the 5 progressive regions, starting with the Emilia Romagna region. Their contribution would certainly be decisive in ensuring that the referendum issue on Marriage is approved together with that of the Autonomous Regions.

“We hope that the presidents of the regions led by the PD and the councillors will be with us to support the referendum. Approval of same-sex marriage is not only a matter of justice, but it is a significant step towards a more inclusive society that respects differences”. In this sense, the Gay LGBT+ party is writing a letter to Nazareno in which a true memorandum of understanding may be formalized, considering the deadlines set by the legislation in force (30 September). “We are at your disposal – concludes Marrazzo – for any clarification. The important thing is not to lose focus on something that is essential for a better and above all fairer future for everyone, without exception. This is the moment when politics can take concrete action.”

Source: IL Tempo