A theme tonight during the first radio debate of the municipal elections in Ukraine –

A theme tonight during the first radio debate of the municipal elections in Ukraine –

Tonight at 6 p.m. the first national debate on the municipal elections of 16 March will take place. On NPO Radio 1, party leaders in the House of Representatives and local party leaders discuss each other. Discussions can also be followed live on NOS.nl and in the app.

The design has recently been changed. Because it is the war in Ukraine that is of particular concern to voters and campaign teams. “Half of the conversations we have on the street are about Ukraine,” says Sjoerd Sjoerdsma, national campaign manager for D66.

Nico Drost, campaign manager at the ChristenUnie (CU), notes that topics such as housing and climate are hardly searched for on Google anymore. “Ukraine is where people work.”

Personalized campaigns

Campaigns designed months ago have therefore been adjusted. More funny CU videos online, more online campaigns at GroenLinks and SP leader Marijnissen, a Ukrainian protest in Malieveld on Saturday.

The campaign functions of all VVD ministers who took part in the Ukrainian war were abolished. No more Rutte in a local market or shopping street. “The entire campaign is more modest,” explains VVD spokesman Noud van Bladel.

less attention

According to the NOS campaign teams round, the adjustment of the national election campaign is especially understandable, but also worrying.

Wijnand Duyvendak of GroenLinks: “It is very difficult to raise issues in the national media. “There is currently little space for that floor.” This party has not yet received any concrete request to be represented in the next polls on national television. “These elections are getting less attention.”

D66’s Sjoerdsma also thinks this is a shame, because voters should know what they want. “Whether you wake up on March 17 in a city where D66 or PVV is at the helm makes a big difference.”

Source: NOS