The mayor of Moroni defended the drug campaign, saying its use could have prevented the Time Warp tragedy.

The mayor of Moroni defended the drug campaign, saying its use could have prevented the Time Warp tragedy.

The mayor of Moroni defended the drug campaign, saying its use could have prevented the Time Warp tragedy.

For Luca Gie, the result “might have been different” if the young people who died in Costa Salguero “had more elements of judgment”; As for the controversy surrounding the distribution of brochures promoting responsible consumption, he said: “We are delighted to have this debate.”

Lucas Guy, Mayor of Moroni
Lucas Guy, Mayor of Moroni

About the spread in the midst of controversy Brochures With suggestions Reduce harm and risk when using drugs illegallyMayor of Moroni, Lucas Guy, Defended the initiative Implemented by the Municipality Youth Policy Directorate and confirmed that Use of this information could be prevented A tragedy of timeElectronic Music Festival held in Costa Salguero in 2016 Where five young people died due to drug use.

In an interview with the channel A24The community leader explained that flyers had been distributed The “Ordinance That its spirit is to work on the whole paradigm of risk and harm control in problem consumption ”and that was “It was approved unanimously A few months ago. ” He added that the regulation “stipulates in one of its articles that mass measures will be used to carry out awareness strategies, with elements of judgment or information for those who decide to use various substances, legal or illegal.”

Regardless Board “does not promote consumption” Regarding such substances, Guy argued that St. “People often decide to do it”. In the face of this reality he emphasized a An alternative to the punitive paradigm Proves it “did not work”. “People do not stop using it after some detention,” he said.

He went on to say: “What is impossible to deny is the reality. You can not look the other way and proceed without creating a comprehensive approach“Sanction, accompanied and listened to, allows us to know why it is consumed and generates alternatives without stigmatization and prosecution.” “We have been on this path for more than 30 years and the evidence that it does not work is eloquent,” he said.

Following this confirmation, journalist Eddie Zunino noted that the interrogation of the initiative is based on the fact that Flyers were distributed to the “nature” of the problem. With the assumption that the people to whom they deliver will use drugs. The official then replied: “We do not legalize or naturalize. It is clear that many times decisions are made beyond what is said, done or promoted by those in charge of management. ”

In the face of the proposed scenario, Guy insisted: “What we are saying, without encouraging the use of any substance, is that If there is someone behind our position who intends to consume who knows how to do this to ensure that it has minimal effect. ”

And it was for more: “In the case of the tragic experience of Time Warp, the boys would have had more of an element of judgment. And they knew what they were subjecting themselves to, what they were doing, how to hydrate, and what type of consumption they were making, Perhaps the result would have been different.

Thus, and once again consulted on whether he believed the campaign might cause confusion or misinformation to his target audience, he replied: “We are delighted to have this debate. A similar thing happened with the law on voluntary termination of pregnancy and is happening today with the law on comprehensive sex education. These are issues that are not always sufficiently addressed and due to lack of information, superstitions lead to wrong decisions. არისThat is right “This is a reality that worries many people and the state can not prosecute with the threat of imprisonment as its only intervention strategy.”

Source: La Nacion