Cabinet removes corona admission ticket from temporary law

Cabinet removes corona admission ticket from temporary law

The cabinet wants to delete the corona admission ticket from the temporary law Covid-19 measures. This means that this measure against the spread of corona will no longer apply from 1 June.

Minister Kuipers would have liked to keep the corona transition in his “toolbox” if the number of infections escalated too quickly. But there were more and more competitors.

During the parliamentary debate on the fifth extension of the interim law, which runs from March 1 to June 1, coalition party ChristenUnie also opposed continuing the option to use the corona transition.

Resistance was great

The cabinet has now decided not to include the admission ticket in the sixth extension of the law. The question is whether this sixth extension will come. The Senate, which will vote in mid-May, appears to reject a fifth extension.

The Corona ticket has not been used in the Netherlands since February. With the QR code, people can show that they have been tested, vaccinated or have just recovered from corona. The social resistance was great.

Incidentally, some holiday countries still need corona tickets.

Source: NOS