MPs: Everyone’s Front Interrogates Opposition Session to Consider Unified Bulletin

MPs: Everyone’s Front Interrogates Opposition Session to Consider Unified Bulletin

MPs: Everyone’s Front Interrogates Opposition Session to Consider Unified Bulletin

Asks for the initiative to be considered in advance by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs; Analyzes how to neutralize the progress of the opposition, which already has a guaranteed quorum

German Martinez, head of the ruling bloc
German Martinez, head of the ruling bloc

Formality Chamber of Deputies Criticized the decision of the opposition majority to convene a Special session Next Thursday for that purpose Forced to discuss the law One paper newsletter ‘class = “com-link” data-reactroot = “”>One paper newsletter As a tool of suffrage. He argued that the issue, given its importance, Deserves in-depth discussion In the relevant commissions and not at the sitting which, in his opinion, He is just trying to strike a political blow at everyone on the front.

“The national constitution makes the issue of elections so urgent that it even forbids the president of the nation from issuing decrees of necessity and urgency on this issue. Is the opposition really going to pass the law without the conclusion of the commission, at the tables and in the extraordinary session? Heard“, He emphasized ᲔᲠᲘ Head of the Bloc of Official Deputies German Martinez.

The call for an extraordinary session is facilitated by most of the opposition blocs, so it is discounted that they will reach Quorum In the building. However, since the initiative does not have a committee conclusion, the organizers Must collect two-thirds of the votes If they are going to be approved on the tables. It is a difficult goal to achieve and opponents recognize it. However, they will gladly play a Demonstration of force and confrontation with the ruling party in a full place.

In the face of perspective a “Black Thursday”The official leadership is analyzing what steps should be taken to neutralize the opposition’s advance. One of the alternatives is considered Is a few days ahead and the creation of a long-delayed Committee on Constitutional Affairs Next Tuesday or Wednesday, shift the debate to this body and cancel the extraordinary session. A strategy that will allow the ruling party, which will lead the commission, to manage time and ultimately expand them.

“We wanted to set up a constitutional commission earlier this month, but it was postponed ‘for change together’ to avoid changes to the law on the judiciary and to discuss Christina Kirchner’s court agenda. Now they are doing a pirouette in the air and they want to invite us to set up a commission. They have no codes“, They agitated in the ruling leadership.

For “change together” they reject the official arguments and confirm that the session will be held, despite the fact that the ruling party is trying to deactivate. “If everyone on the front decides to set up a constitutional commission before Thursday’s session, we will invite it so that the drafts on one ballot paper can be issued quickly in a short time,” he said. Mario NigriPresident of the Radical Bloc.

As far as he could tell ᲔᲠᲘThe Committee on Constitutional Affairs – one of the most relevant in the Chamber of Deputies – will be chaired by an MP and a trade unionist. Vanessa Silly, Who is also a member of the Judicial Council. The integration of the body will be divided between the ruling party and together for the changes and there will be a vote that will be a faithful balance: Graciela CamanoFederal Interblock.

In total, there are eight initiatives in the Chamber of Deputies with the status of Parliament, which propose the replacement of a single paper ballot paper for the replacement of party ballot papers in national elections. This new format is called Unlike “sheet lists”. One ballot contains the names and photos of all the candidates Cells are divided into categories and the voter has the opportunity to choose the candidate they want or not to select any of them and to vote blank if desired. Its promoters praise this system The right to choose is guaranteedBecause it prevents the theft of ballots in a dark room, in addition to putting political parties, large and small, on an equal footing.

Similarly, promoters of unified voting point out that if implemented, That means millions in savings on ticket printing And, for the same reason, more Ecological And friendly towards the environment.

Source: La Nacion