Moroni’s brochure on drug use is true, and the program that promoted it was voted on by all political parties

Moroni’s brochure on drug use is true, and the program that promoted it was voted on by all political parties

Moroni’s brochure on drug use is true, and the program that promoted it was voted on by all political parties

Together for change, and the UCR, one of the main critics, has approved the release of targeted information to consumers.

"Take a little": a message to the youth of Moroni Municipality
“Take a little”: a message to the youth of Moroni Municipality

If you only have a few seconds, read these lines:

  • They were circulating Twitter Video and screenshot of the story Instagram On the drug use campaign of the Moroni Youth Directorate.
  • The flyer actually belongs to this municipality, was distributed at a public festival, and contains recommendations for the use of marijuana, cocaine, and synthetic drugs.
  • These actions, called “risk reduction”, are permitted by an ordinance unanimously approved by Moroni’s deliberative council.

It was spread on Twitter Video and screenshot a story Account Instagram Moroni Municipality Youth Directorate (@ juventudes.munimoron), which show a brochure that says, “If you’re going to consume, remember these tips.” In connection with DopThe flyer indicates that it is convenient to receive the joint From “Reliable Sources” and what is it “Better” that they be flowers and not caughtAnd as for Cocaine And Tablets Tip: “Go slowly and slowly. Take a little look at how your body responds. If you are arrested, you have the right to a lawyer ”(sic).

The content of the tweets is trueBecause the brochure actually belongs to the municipality of Moroni, whose youth department was responsible for preparing and distributing it, as stated in this press release, with a joint action of the National Secretariat for Drug Policy (Sedronar) and the Harm Reduction of Argentina. Association (ARDA).

The ordinance was approved at a joint session of Moroni's deliberative council, held in June 2021, by an advisory vote for
The ordinance was approved at a joint session of Moroni’s deliberative council, held in June 2021, by an advisory vote for “Together for Change”.

The most shared tweets belong to opposition leaders. Among them are national MPs Diego Santilli, Valdo Wolfe, Ricardo Lopez Murphy and Mariana Zuwich, along with for the changes, and Carolina Piparo, from Avanza Libertad, who questioned the municipal campaign. In total, his tweets added more than 10,000 retweets and more than 15,000 likes.

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What did the municipality say?

“Regarding the content of the material related to the recommendations issued by the Youth Directorate yesterday, Moroni Municipality reports that the messages filed there are part of a risk and harm reduction program. “It is associated with the use of legal and illegal psychoactive substances by the commune,” said a press release from the municipality, headed by Lucas Guy (Frente de Todos).

The official document highlights the mentioned program It “came into force in June 2021 by an ordinance unanimously approved by the Moroni Council.”Which helps to “take actions different from the local state to reduce the negative effects of psychoactive substance use.”

This was announced at the City Hall The leaflets were distributed in the context of the La Minga Cultural Festival.Supported and Inclusive, organized by the Commune, held on Sunday, April 24, in partnership with Sedronar and the Argentine Harm Reduction Association (ARDA).

Moroni Municipality Brochure next to the MTE logo
Moroni Municipality Brochure next to the MTE logo

ARDA Attributed to For this task. “We take full responsibility for the content of the communication material in question. We have been working with Moroni Municipality to facilitate a total change in the current drug policy paradigm. “The first step in changing the current state of drug problems in our society is to abandon hypocrisy,” he said.

In a Twitter post, the organization noted that “Harm reduction is a public policy that developed countries are pursuing Whose policies and institutions are constantly praised by this political sector [N. de la R.: en referencia a Juntos por el Cambio]“.

What is written in the ordinance, when was it sanctioned and which spaces voted

The Ordinance Creating a Risk and Harm Reduction Program for Legal and Illegal Psychoactive Substances Used by Moroni Municipality to Explain the Campaign to Distribute These Brochures on Drug Use, He was Approved Unanimously in the deliberative council of that Buenos Aires party.

According to a video recording of the Moroni Council meeting, held in a mixed manner on June 10, 2021, the ordinance was approved in general and specifically unanimously, i.e. by all councilors present. In the official voting video It is mentioned Some opposition councils are reaching out to approve the project. Including Gaston Perez and Walter Anzorena, together for changes, and Rolando Moretto, from the UCR-Together bloc..

The Advisor Anzorena Will appear In their social networks Supporter National MP Christian Ritondo, one of the leaders of the opposition, who Interviewed Share this wheel on TwitterYes “In the 21st century, and with all the information we have about cell phones today, the only way the government can find a way to get kids to use drugs is to get kids to use drugs. “The way they run, the worse it’s for everyone, the better for them,” Ritondo, head of the lower house pro-bloc, wrote on Twitter.

The ordinance, under Article 3 (d), allows the implementation of the drug risk reduction program in the public testimony of social-sanitary equipment“Massive measures, dance venues and all potential consumption scenarios to prevent the risks and harms associated with the use of legal and illegal psychoactive substances.” What it does not specifically address is the printing and distribution of brochures, their content, and the tone of the message..

What experts say about risk and harm reduction

National Law 26,934 of the Comprehensive Consumption Consumption Plan, sanctioned in 2014, stipulates that “Harm reduction is understood as actions that help reduce individual and collective health risks. “And aims to improve the quality of life of those suffering from problematic consumption, reduce the incidence of communicable diseases and prevent all other concomitant harms, including overdose and deaths from accidents.”

Aldo Saraco, a medical toxicologist, member of the Argentine Toxicological Association (ATA) and member of the Scientific Committee of the Ibero-American Society, in connection with a previous campaign by the Provincial Government of Buenos Aires to reduce drug harm. This was reported by Environmental Health Checked In this note: “These ads are related to harm reduction policies, they are part of a comprehensive policy to prevent the use of psychoactive substances, which If they are done in isolation and uncoordinated, they are not looking for the desired impact“.

According to the specialist, this concept of harm reduction can be defined as a set of programmed policies aimed at minimizing the undesirable consequences that can result from the consumption of legal or illegal psychoactive substances and that can cause very significant harm to human health and well-being. The society itself “and added:”The harm reduction policy that emerged in northern Europe in the 1980s must be linked to a comprehensive drug policy.Which starts with the most basic, which is to create and generate enough information to have an idea of ​​what risk perception is. ”

By Matthias di Santi and Juan José Dominguez

This verification was done in collaboration with Dolphin Court.

Source: La Nacion