Eduardo Feynman spoke at the request of Christina Kirchner: “This is good for all journalists”

Eduardo Feynman spoke at the request of Christina Kirchner: “This is good for all journalists”

Eduardo Feynman spoke at the request of Christina Kirchner: “This is good for all journalists”

The journalist insisted that “he did not accuse the vice-president of a crime” and that was just his opinion.

Eduardo Feynman in the business community, by LN +
Eduardo Feynman in the business community, by LN +

Journalist Eduardo Feynman spoke this week about a decision he won over Christina Kirchner, who sued him in 2016 for using the words “coimera” and “cretina” in a TV show. “This is good for all journalists”He said in a dialogue with Jose del Rio LN +.

In September 2021, the Court of Justice upheld Feynman’s right to express himself freely during the extradition. Animal soils (América TV), ”but it was a failure in the first place. No second sentence was handed down last Friday where the Civil Chamber approved what was originally arranged.

“It was a matter of democratic freedoms and This decision is good for the whole of Argentine journalism. This is all a precedent. What we would call a Leading case. This is the opinion of a journalist. “I did not accuse the woman of a crime,” the journalist explained Business community.

“I did not have a slanderous spirit,” he added. I called myself a fool when I said ‘cretin’ and ‘bribe taker’ when I said ‘bribe’.. I did not want to offend her and I was not interested in that. “

Eduardo Feiman: “I told the bribe, Cretin and Christina were offended”

Feynman specified that he had won in Seville and detailed some of the Vice President’s “requests”. “He wanted financial compensation. He wanted to apologize and kneel. And I thought I would not have to do that. “Counted.

The journalist then pointed to the vice-president’s “grave reasons” and insisted that “what worries him most is the one related to public affairs.” “She is afraid of her children. Maximum [Kirchner] He has the right to defend himself in this case. But not Florence. He is afraid he will go to jail “He said.

As for Maximo Kirchner, he devoted only a few words to the former head of the bloc Frente de Todos. He accused her of “not working a single day of her life” and doubted her compliance: “He’s worried. He will never get a vote in a high position. He has a 70% negative image..

Javier Miley, Together for Change and Government

On various references that form the opposition, Feynman analyzed the rise of La Libertad Avanza MP Javier Miley. He called it a “political phenomenon” and expected that “his situation is still quite difficult.”

“Let’s see what happens to him. Many are worried about his attitude. “What scares me is that it works in some way for Kirchnerism.” – Said the journalist. At the same time, he stressed the lack of a “leader” regarding the problems in Together for Change.

They all want to be. And it gives the feeling that they are fighting for the biggest chair. They are playing the game of power. “It bothers me too,” he summed up.

He also talked about Martin Gumzan. Გsaid “Only the President supports this”. “If he lets Guzman go, he lets himself go. “The problem for me is that the economic measures of this government are lagging behind for many years,” he said.

He closed with a mention of the president’s spokeswoman, Gabriela Serout. “He is the bearer of the lies of the Alberto Fernandez government. It’s really useless for its function. Supports nothing. It is useless “He said rudely.

Source: La Nacion