Cabinet sets up crisis team for Ukrainian refugee flow

Cabinet sets up crisis team for Ukrainian refugee flow

The company is also working to simplify the rules so that Ukrainians can work here. Employers now have to apply for a work permit through a procedure.

Van der Burg: “There are now mainly women with children whose men are fighting at the front. Now they are mainly concerned with what their loved ones are doing, but in the long run refugees may want to work here for their income.”

In schools that are affiliated with municipalities, preparations continue so that Ukrainian children can go to school.

2 million

According to Rutte, the refugee problem in the Netherlands has not yet been solved, but the Netherlands must be well prepared for the arrival of large numbers. There are currently about a thousand registered refugees, but there could also be many people we “know nothing about”.

The UN Commissioner for Refugees announced today that at least 2 million people have fled Ukraine.

Five million people are expected to eventually leave the country. Most go to Poland. The Polish Border Guard claims that at least 1.2 million people have crossed the border today.

The reception center for Dutch asylum seekers was without beds for months. Where exactly did it go wrong and how did it come to this?

Source: NOS