“Uribe has been the subject of serious prosecution as a result of a montage”

This rejection by Uribe is now joined by several former officials who worked during his reign. Through a letter, leaders want to: Oscar Ivan ZuluagaJose Roberto Arango, Joseph Felix Lafaurieamong others, expressed disagreement with the process and support for the former president.

“Former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez has served Colombia with dignity, courage and sincerity. His life is an example of work and love for the country and its democracy,” reads part of the introduction to the letter.

The former officials point out, regarding the judge’s decision in the case, that “the actions of this branch of power must be transparent and truthful, so that there is no room for suspicion of manipulation, politicization, persecution or change aimed at destroying the lives of honorable people such as former president Álvaro Uribe. Those of us who have worked in our government teams emphasize our honor, dedication and transparency in our actions.”

They then go on to state that “the former president has been the subject of serious criminal charges as a result of intent, evidence of which has been widely disclosed. Abuses such as passed him from accuser to accused; the tapping of his personal phone and the constant filtration of process pieces to influence public opinion.

Likewise, they pointed out that the decisions are full of politicization and that this harms democracy.

“The politicization of justice and the justification of politics are evident, as struggles that deteriorate democracy and generate new violence in search of power, regardless of the means. Justice, applied in this way by some, constitutes a serious threat against every citizen,” the letter reads.

Source: El Heraldo