NCTV warns against polarization of political parties

The National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) has secretly reported on the polarization of political parties in recent years. NRC Handelsblad has come to this conclusion on the basis of documents published after the newspaper had challenged the Government Information (Public Access) Act. PVV and Denk have been featured several times in NCTV reports, but BIJ1 and Forum Democracy have also been mentioned.

The reports of the political parties differ from what the then Minister of Justice Grapperhaus reported to the House of Representatives last year. He said politicians were never the subject of NCTV news. The service itself does not believe that the House has been misinformed. In order to accurately predict trends, the NCTV says that “relevant information from stakeholders will inevitably come into play.”

Grapperhaus claimed that politicians were followed on social media only for their own safety, but it can be inferred from the published documents that the NCTV paid attention to their fundamental stance and had an opinion about it.

Denk, for example, has been widely portrayed with strong conclusions that this party ‘will act as a political platform for political Salafism in the House of Representatives’. Denk promoted the idea that Muslims in the Netherlands are treated differently than non-Muslims: “This could fuel mistrust of government and potentially fuel anti-democratic tendencies.”


The NCTV also pays a lot of attention to the PVV, which in the eyes of terrorist fighters is increasingly distancing itself from the extreme right. For example, in 2018 the party hosted activists from this neighborhood for a demonstration, which extremists would see as proof that their ideas were accepted by an established party.

Party leader Wilders would prepare the minds for radicalization and set the ‘Dutch’ against ‘foreigners’. He also uses hashtags such as #KomInVerzet, which has been taken over by extreme right-wing organizations on social media.

The agency reported developments in extremism to government agencies, but stopped doing so because it also illegally collected information about individuals. The NCTV reports directly to the Minister of Justice and cannot simply collect information about politicians and political parties.

Source: NOS