NCTV warns of polarization by DENK and PVV, parties react bewildered

NCTV warns of polarization by DENK and PVV, parties react bewildered

The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) has secretly reported that political parties have been “polarized” in recent years. DENK and PVV are specifically mentioned in secret messages as contributors to polarization and radicalisation. NRC Tuesday. DENK and PVV are shocked by this news.

NCTV has named DENK as a spokesperson for Muslim fundamentalists in secret messages to municipalities, police, ministries and foreign intelligence services, the newspaper writes, citing 159 internal messages released in response to a Wob request. According to the NCTV, this also indicates that the PVV contributes to radicalization.

Such analyzes are bundled by the terror coordinator in weekly reports. These have been sent to government agencies to keep them informed of developments in extremism.

DENK is mentioned in at least six of these weekly reports. For example, the NCTV warned in 2017 that the party was fueling the idea that Muslims are treated differently from non-Muslims. “This could fuel mistrust in government and potentially fuel anti-democratic tendencies,” NCTV writes. NRCI

Events calling critics of DENK’s policies “enemies,” “Zionists,” or “Nazis” are also featured on Facebook. In addition, some reports indicate that prominent Muslim fundamentalists have put out a voting proposal for DENK. For example, according to the NCTV, the party functions as a political platform for political Salafism in the House of Representatives.

PVV takes less distance from right-wing extremism

In addition to DENK, the weekly reports contain an in-depth analysis of the PVV. According to the NCTV, the party is increasingly distancing itself from right-wing extremism. Where extremists were previously excluded from PVV meetings, they were present in 2018 at the protest in Rotterdam. According to the NCTV, this could be seen by extremists as “confirmation that they were right that many of their ideas were openly embraced by an established party like the PVV.”

PVV leader Geert Wilders would also make polarizing statements. With hashtags that are being picked up by extreme right-wing organizations such as #KomInVerzet on Twitter, the gap between PVV and the extreme right is getting smaller.

The terror coordinator also mentioned a campaign that Wilders conducted in 2017 in which he turned Dutch against foreigners. With this she will “contribute to the radicalization pool”.

Lawmakers reportedly not part of NCTV analysis

In addition to DENK and PVV, a few more parties are mentioned. For example, the focus is on Article 1 (now BIJ1) and FVD leader Thierry Baudet. However, these analyzes are significantly less extensive than those of DENK and PVV.

Former minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) told the House of Representatives last year that legislators were not part of the analysis. The NCTV will monitor social media activity only to assess threats to politicians.

It now appears that the NCTV also uses this information to analyze politicians. However, according to the coordinator, the Chamber was not misinformed because “the involvement of public statements by the relevant actors proved unavoidable”.

NCTV behavior is extremely sensitive

However, NCTV’s behavior is extremely sensitive. The coordinator is part of the Ministry of Justice and Security. For this reason, the NCTV’s periodic threat analyzes are usually never aimed at political parties.

DENK party chairman Farid Azarkan reacts angrily to the actions of the NCTV. “As a party that embraces political Salafism, we are rejected. We participate in the democratic legal order and are bound by the Constitution. NCTV framing is extremely dangerous.”

DENK wants to talk to minister Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius (Justice). Azarkan will also file a criminal complaint. He wants to know what information is collected, what the legal basis is for this and who receives the collected information. It is clear to Azarkan that NCTV is breaking the law.

PVV leader Geert Wilders responds to the news on Twitter. “What a filthy NCTV bastard. The PVV was secretly pushed into the far right corner and therefore all PVV members were wrongly branded as fake. This is very bad and absolutely unacceptable.”

Source: NU