Interior Ministry announces measures to protect Gustavo Petro . to ensure

Interior Ministry announces measures to protect Gustavo Petro .  to ensure

The presidential candidate for the Historic Pact Gustavo Petro, along with several members of his campaign team, met this Tuesday with the Ministry of the Interior and members of the National Police to present the details of his complaint against the alleged attack staged in his against .

Therefore, Interior Minister Daniel Palacio announced a series of measures that will be taken to safeguard the candidate’s political rights during the competition.

“There will be a reinforcement from the side of the victim protection unit to guarantee the movements of the candidate and similarly take measures during concentrations in public squares,” Palacios said.

He added: “The presidential candidate has been informed, as we have done in all the National Assurance Commissions, that there is a police colonel in the National Protection Directorate who is willing to work hand-in-hand with the campaigns on a permanent basis during the presidential elections and to support their movements. coordinate”.

The head of the political portfolio pointed out that once they heard of the complaints, they deployed the capabilities of the state to ensure the security of the presidential candidates and the electoral process through the Democracy Plan and the Ágora 2 Plan.

“We have conveyed the message of the President of the Republic to the candidate and that is that all the capabilities of the state are in place and nothing is spared to ensure the safety of not only Gustavo Petro but of all presidential candidates.”

At the end of the campaign, Armando Benedetti, as spokesman for the campaign, emphasized the will of the national government and stated that activities will be restarted next Thursday.

Source: El Heraldo