The War on Javier Miley: The Challenge That Together for Change Out of Comfort Zone

The War on Javier Miley: The Challenge That Together for Change Out of Comfort Zone

The War on Javier Miley: The Challenge That Together for Change Out of Comfort Zone

The rise of the Libertarian MP challenges the opposition coalition, which has prioritized its formal unity over the construction of a bridge connecting voters; The real risks of a fracture

Javier Miley: His candidacy for the presidency makes Together for Change
Javier Miley: His candidacy for the presidency makes Together for Change

It was easier against Christina. With for changes He survived the loss of government, the pandemic, two years in the field, and a lot of old grievances because they are united by the perception of a higher mission: Avoid populist hegemony The Last Incarnation of Kirchnerism.

Energy has been expended to ensure that such a diverse coalition does not explode in the air without the glue offered by power, postponing the debate over identity, self-criticism about what went wrong in government. Mauricio Macri And formulate a proposal to re-conquer the social majority in 2023. It seemed to be an act of unconscious imitation. Alberto FernandezWho spent two years without making economic decisions so that Peronism together would not be subject to their profound differences.

Mauricio Macri, on Wednesday, arriving together at a leaders' table meeting.
Mauricio Macri, on Wednesday, arriving together at a leaders’ table meeting.

Fernandez device In front of everyone It exploded with the defeat of the 2021 election and the total correction of Christina Kirchner in politics. Martin Guzman, Crowned in agreement with the International Monetary Fund. The moment of truth for the opponents was accelerated by the victory and at the same time by the uncomfortable emergence of the anti-systemic phenomenon of Javier Miley.

At first unappreciated, then feared, now possibly exaggerated! Miley acts as a sloping voice of conscience for the main opposition bloc.. His rise in national opinion polls can be explained not only as a manifestation of the aggravated social pessimism that distinguishes this era, but also as a constant punishment for the failure of Macri and his allies to pursue a liberal reformist agenda that can solve protracted diseases. Argentina’s economic and productive system.

Miley’s cry for ultraliberalism occupies a vacant place. It promises to blow up the central bank and abolish taxes. He invents the epic of adaptation as a response to frustration and turns all politicians into “castes” without nuances.

The success of this message, which is obscured by the violent and hostile staging of any form of agreement, Pushed Together for Change out of the comfort zone. He identified his many potential leaders with difficulties in defining himself.

It is symptomatic that the first common message signed by members of the Coalition leadership over a long period of time was to close the door on Miley’s potential incorporation, which they accuse. “For Functional Kirchnerism” In their unification plan.

The declaration of war on Miley is a short form of denial. Patricia BulrichAt Wednesday’s meeting, where it was decided to block the Libertarian MP, a day later he reacted angrily: “What are we conservatives?” I felt overwhelmed, they did not allow me to speak. “

Morales, Bulrich, Cornejo and Valdes, among others, write a statement
Morales, Bulrich, Cornejo and Valdes, among others, write a statement “for change together” against Miley; The former minister came out against this resolution a day later

He is the one who developed the most dialogue with Miley and wanted to dispel the idea that a consensus had been reached. Argue that it was committed “A big political mistake”. He agrees with many of his economic and political ideas. He sees him as an ally who could be the key to his presidential project. And he felt this statement as an operation of radicals and Horatio Rodriguez Laretta Wrap your hands.

Macri was involved in an internal discussion about how to set Miley’s limit – although he too was sitting at a table late. “Why do we care so much for him if he has already said he does not want to be here,” he minimized. But he took the opportunity and passed the bill to those he considered “Too soft” For the next stage: he said there were many who continue to think of a state “that cares for you” and those who do not understand the demands of their constituents in the face of far-reaching reforms.

In fact, Macri likes Miley, though he considers many of his suggestions to be extreme. Someone named the economist as Macri without filters and the former president finds it ridiculous. He credits him for “running the field” in public debate. The fact that there is talk of fiscal adjustment, tax cuts and the non-issuance of currency, in his opinion, is very positive. But he does not know that if Miley’s ascent benefits him from a discursive point of view, it threatens his electoral capabilities. Fight for the same votes.

Laretta, on the other hand, does not believe in Miley’s positive effect. The mayor of Buenos Aires has remained stagnant in polls (albeit in the high zone) ahead of more militant options such as Bulrich, Miley and Macri. But he usually says that no matter what happens, he does not want to change his moderate profile – though he is looking for a more mature word to define it. “If the public wants to vote for Bolsonaro, I will not be president”, They understood what he was saying. He is convinced that Miley made an ugly mistake when she announced her candidacy for the presidency a year and a half earlier. “His property is unexpected today. In 2023, he is perceived as more of a politician than he condemns. “His campaign is one year away,” said a source close to the head of Buenos Aires.

Radicals and Elisa Cario They also stand in the way of the mileage and the damage it does to the building. “This has forced many of us to step out of the closet and ask for dollarization, Menem idealization, and the proposition of an extreme right-wing ideology that does not fit into our history.”Explains one of the leaders of radicalism.

Was at the highest meeting Martin Lusto – Laretta’s radical ally – one of the main representatives of the “Good Practice Pact”, with which Together for Change sought to set a final limit for Miley. In this crusade he is no different from his inner enemy, Gerardo Morales, a man who gathers doubts because of his closeness. Serge Mass.

Meeting together for change
Meeting together for change

Systemic risk

Any agreement is questionable in the opposition coalition, because as the 2023 election process approaches, the rope of anti-Kirchner identity is weakening and there is a deep disagreement over what model country to offer and what strategy to come up with and fight for a new opportunity. Pink house.

For example, How much does Peronism want to assimilate the next government together? Macri and Laretta openly disagree on this issue. The former president laughs at the call of the head of Buenos Aires Government by “70%”, That is, it unites the sector of Peronism to make its economic plan more sustainable. He sees this as a sign of weakness that will block any serious reform.

Horatio Rodriguez Laretta and his radical ally Martin Lusto: two who do not want Miley in the opposition coalition
Horatio Rodriguez Laretta and his radical ally Martin Lusto: two who do not want Miley in the opposition coalition

Laretta argues that the insidious situation of the Argentine economy can be successfully handled on the road End the political rift And give a clear continuity signal. “In 2017, with half plus one, we carried out the pension reform in stones. Four months later we were in crisis. არ does not work. “You have to try something else,” they say in their environment. The number 70% is symbolic: that’s not all; Cancerism is in the 30% that is left out. And him tooLaretta explained at recent meetings.

Another unknown: Could it be the extreme liberalism and left-centrist views espoused by the UCR sector in the same bloc that intends to govern? To what extent can the economic program defended by the Pro, UCR, and the Civic Coalition endure the prevailing anti-state discourse?

The fear that some members of Together for Change are starting to get the word out is that – largely as a result of Miley’s disgusting effect – two well-marked blocks will be completed. On the one hand, the Liberal right – Macri, Bulrich, and others – would be open to allies with Miley, now without the remnants of a “guilty social democracy,” as some of the ideas of Laretta, Cario, and radicals disgustingly describe in this sector. On the other hand, those who bet on the model of dialogue, who also contribute to the policy of shock in the face of economic challenges, but believe that leadership from the center is needed to prevent another failure.

The hypothesis of electoral fragmentation operates in a mirror game with the ruling party that goes Final fracture Christian opposition and those who still support the president.

Kirchnerism, which is on the verge of national defeat in 2023, encourages those in opposition who put identity before unity. With a broken system, they argue, you can win by 20% and a good vote. Reproduction of ultrafragmentation that has already been experienced in Chile or Peru recently.

Opposition construction is advancing between these dilemmas, which are tangled in calculations. Reluctantly or unknowingly, he feeds on his black beast, Miley, who daily accuses them of an elite that cares more about the controversial positions of privileged positions than speaks to a society plagued by endless crises.

Source: La Nacion