Cabinet sends successor temporary corona law to the House of Representatives after summer

The cabinet wants to replace the temporary corona law this autumn with an amendment to the Public Health Act so that there is a permanent basis for restrictive measures. Minister Kuipers of Public Health writes to the House of Representatives that he wants to submit the amendment before 1 September.

The corona measures are currently regulated in the Temporary Covid-19 Precautions Act (Twm). In this way, the company can, for example, require the wearing of mouth guards in case the virus rears its head again.

The House of Representatives and the Council of State have been trying to get rid of Twm for months. They believe that restrictive measures taken by the government should be properly regulated and that is possible in the current Public Health Act (Wpg).

Individual Precautions

The amended Wpg determines, among other things, the powers of the Minister of Health to take collective measures in the event of a pandemic. Think of closing public places, keeping distances and quarantine rules for people traveling to the Netherlands.

Existing public health legislation contains provisions to combat communicable diseases, but it mainly concerns measures at the individual level. “An epidemic of this magnitude required collective action,” says Kuipers. Twm had to temporarily fill this gap’, he writes.

Because it will take a long time before the Public Health Act is fully revised, Kuipers will gradually adjust the legislation. The minister urges the Councils to consider the proposal as soon as possible, so that the interim law expires as soon as possible.

The current temporary corona law is extended by three months each time. The Senate still has to approve the fifth extension (which runs from March 1 to June 1). The sixth (corona pass removed) is now ready for treatment in both rooms. If the temporary law is repealed, there will be no legal basis to take immediate coercive measures.

Source: NOS