“I do not accept an alliance, but full support”: Rodolfo a Betancourt and Fajardo

At the heart of his political agenda for the country’s regions, presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández referred to the unity messages of Green Oxygen candidate Íngrid Betancourt.

Hernández said in statements to the media that he will only agree on political support for his ambition. †

“I do not accept the alliance, I accept its full support. I hope, based on this reasoning, that those who are second and third behind in the polls will support me,” Hernández added.

It should be noted that in recent days, Betancourt said that the country was waiting for the unity of the political center sectors.

At the time, the applicant explained, “Let them set the rules of the game, I’m willing to join whoever decides them according to the rules of the game they set,” she said.

“If there are three of us, the two of us have to come to someone. Let them set the rules of the game, I’m willing to join whoever they decide, by the rules of the game. I think we have a historic responsibility and that is to fulfill the country,” he said.

Sergio Fajardo, for his part, indicated that he has not received any formal communication from Betancourt and therefore excludes any possible alliance for the time being.

“I have not spoken to Íngrid. It has been a difficult relationship with her, she was part of the Hope Center Coalitionwas the spokeswoman for the conclave that was held and then decided to withdraw and then that meant, for example, that Humberto from the street, Daniel Carvahalo who is with us cannot participate in politics (…) I am not sure what Íngrid wants.”

Source: El Heraldo