“We will continue to the end”: Fajardo rules out giving up his candidacy

In the midst of his agenda for the city of Bogotá, Centro Esperanza candidate Sergio Fajardo ruled out the possibility of giving up his presidential ambition.

Joined by the members of his coalition, Fajardo explained that despite the fact that his campaign is “going through difficult days”, it will continue “until the end”.

“I must confess that I have seriously thought about all the options and that I did it yesterday with all the partners in the coalition. The difficult days our campaign is going through deserve deep reflection, but without putting aside our concern for the future of this Colombia we love and have worked so hard for. My decision is clear and strong: we will go through to the end,” he said.

He pointed out that his aim is an educational revolution at all levels. “If there’s one thing we’ve missed in Colombia, it’s education, to save the lives of the children they recruit, to prepare our young people for decent work, to be entrepreneurial, to transform entire sectors.”

Joined by Luis Gilberto Murillo – his vice presidential formula – Fajardo noted that education is almost invisible in the polls. However: “At the moment of truth, it is the only thing that will move us forward. After so many years of traveling through our country, getting to know his soul up close, I am today more than ever fully convinced that education is the true revolution and our only salvation as a nation.”

At the end, he addressed his supporters and asked them for patience in view of the election process.

“I understand that many feel fear and many feel anger. These feelings, added to the sadness, are perhaps the ones that best define the moment Colombia is going through. And everyone is talking, almost loudly, about the need to change. But everyone is talking about change, when what Colombia needs is a total revolution centered on education,” he said.

He added: “Perhaps we have not been clear in conveying to the people what it is Colombia that we dream of. Certainly, many Colombians today know what we are not, what we do not represent, but they are not clear about what we really are and what we will do for this Colombia that is suffering today.”

Source: El Heraldo