“I will triple the investment for the farmers”: Fico Gutiérrez

“I will triple the investment for the farmers”: Fico Gutiérrez

The presidential candidate of Team for Colombia Federico Gutierrez visited the Meta department this Thursday. from the city Villavicencio He explained his proposals for agriculture and the regions of the country.

“I am aware of the importance of infrastructure for the regions. Don’t forget I’m from the region.”

He explained that the country needs to understand the “fundamental role of agriculture.”

“In our government we are going to triple the investment of one billion pesos a year” farmers a three billion pesos per year. We are becoming agricultural producers of fertilizers,” he said.

In terms of infrastructure, he pointed out: “We need to realize a dual carriageway on the entire route between Bogotá and Villavicencio (…) this road is important for the national connectivity

Regarding the recent acts of violence that have taken place in the country, the candidate reiterated that he will be on the side of the public power and the people. “We need to be on the side of the people and reject the criminals. I’m not afraid of the violent. Here’s what it takes to surround the population (…) Let’s not let fear be the one that dominates so many wards today that crime has taken over. The security it must be guaranteed,” the presidential candidate withdrew from Team for Colombia.

Source: El Heraldo