Camperor senator crosses presidency between Mendoza and La Pampa for award

Camperor senator crosses presidency between Mendoza and La Pampa for award

Camperor senator crosses presidency between Mendoza and La Pampa for award

This is Anabel Fernandes Sagast; He said he did not share Alberto Fernandez’s decision to request a new environmental impact study for the planned Portezuelo del Viento mega-dam; A millionaire project could fall

Annabelle Fernandez Sagast, Christina's key in the Senate
Annabelle Fernandez Sagast, Christina’s key in the Senate

MENDOZA.- The so-called “Project of the Century” seems to go down in history, despite decades of research, claims and expectations in Coyo, largely due to fierce resistance from neighbors. Pampa. Thus, the hydroelectric dam Wind passage, Who intended to build in Malargo, south of Mendoza, found the nation refusing to move forward even though an international tender was already under way. The news came from the president’s mouth Alberto FernandezWho will have to praise the conflict in the coming weeks, but who was waiting for a solution: he assured that a new environmental impact study should be conducted across the river basin. Colorado RiverSomething like that Mendoza It is clearly excluded as it ensures timely submission of reports.

In the face of this scenario, whichAnd this was provided for in Mendoza, but no one wanted to hear itFollowing similar statements by the national president in mid-2020, there was an instant reaction from the entire political arc. Of course, the radicals were the first to reject the president’s words, but the position of the Kirchner national senator attracted the most attention. Anabel Fernandes SagastWhich was all sent against the national executive leadership, casually, amid strained relations with the vice-president. Christina Kirchner.

The leader of the Mendoza camperista, the vice-president of the bloc Frente de Todos in the upper house, expressed dissatisfaction with the president’s decision on social media. “I do not share @ alferdez’s decision if it concerns new research and not the issues that the Mendoza government should address. I say this with full respect for what the president’s investment deserves. “The national legislature was dismissed, adding: “A. Capricious and demagogic posture like La Pampa. No one thinks about how important and strategic this work is for Argentina and the work of thousands of mendocins and companies in our metal processing industry through IMPSA.

Similarly, Sagasti took advantage of the situation and also launched arrows against Mendoza’s ruling party. “Suarez and Cornejo have not raised a finger for more than two years to move this case forward, they have to celebrate in silence. We continue to lose chances. “The Kemper senator added, ending with a warning: “They are desperate to use this money without a strategic vision because they do not have specific hydropower projects of a similar scale. Attention Mendocinos, what they want to do with these funds.

For example, in the midst of this unexpected presidential announcement, from the governor Rodolfo Suarez On yourself Alfredo CornejoThe National Senator has crossed the line of novelty. How else could it be, it’s President @Alferdez who leaves the Mendoza people without Portesuelo del Viento. And also how it could have been otherwise, without technical arguments, just political comfort, ”Cornejo said. Suarez, meanwhile, showed his discomfort as president, but was calm about not reaching the award because he could have a legal and economic impact on the local cabinet. Also, he was confused when Malargue Mayor Juan Manuel Ojeda, Which was sent: “If the president had a chance to reconcile with Argentine society by showing that the way of doing policy should be changed, I think he lost it in his statement today. The decision on Portezuelo is one of the worst news stories for democracy and the institutional framework.

Exactly as I expected ᲔᲠᲘThe President’s support will only see the light of day when most of the jurisdictions that make up Coirco (Colorado River Jurisdiction Committee), Including Buenos Aires, Rio Negro and Neuquen, have reached an agreement; That’s never been the case in Mendoza. There is a big obstacle Environmental Impact Assessment That they are claiming mainly La Pampa, while the province of Cuio claims that all relevant assessments have already been conducted with the national universities and that it does not want to start over. So now the radical Suarez government is already promising a მაEgma bAlong with other hydroelectric works on rivers under local jurisdiction.

The place where Portezuelo del Viento will be built.
The place where Portezuelo del Viento will be built.

For this reason, after various requests from Mendoza to listen to the President, in anticipation of the reward that was now expected, it is difficult for the highest national government to roll up its arms; First of all, to say what it wants to do in the short term with the long-awaited mega-project agreed upon years ago after the damage caused by industrial popularization, totaling more than $ 1.023 million, of which 40% is already from Cuoyo Province. Installment money is sent regularly by the nation. In addition, the local executive has always said that it waited for the presidential definition before the tender, first of all to avoid any further request through the court.

In the midst of a tender that was just waiting for an award, Malal-hue was the only conglomerate of firms trying to maintain the dream mega-factory. It is a Chinese company with Sinohydro Corporation along with local firms Impsa, Ceosa and Obras Andinas. The long-awaited job, which is now starting to decline forever, has a lifespan of five years and is betting on reaching 210 MW of installed capacity.It can supply 130,000 users with energy, which is four times the output of the Potrerilos Dam, which is the largest in Mendoza today.

Source: La Nacion