Felipe Sola corrected Santiago Cafeiro on Twitter and launched a scathing criticism: “It’s unbelievable that he does not know”

Felipe Sola corrected Santiago Cafeiro on Twitter and launched a scathing criticism: “It’s unbelievable that he does not know”

Felipe Sola corrected Santiago Cafeiro on Twitter and launched a scathing criticism: “It’s unbelievable that he does not know”

The former foreign minister spoke about official statements about Argentina’s distancing from the Caribbean country.

Felipe Sola on the American Council
Felipe Sola on the American Council

Chancellor’s move Santiago Cafe The Senate Foreign Relations Committee continues to respond. After a clash with the opposition, Felipe Sola, Who was fired from the Foreign Ministry in September last year, criticized part of a statement made yesterday by an official defending Argentina’s rapprochement with Venezuela, and lamented that the government Mauricio Macri Before its management There was a distancing from the country ruled by Nicolas Maduro.

The Argentine Republic has never severed ties with Venezuela. He has a temporary trustee who has always provided us with a well-informed. “It is unbelievable that you do not know him as the Chancellor,” Felipe Sola wrote on his Twitter account, captivating the café.

The Correction Sola, who was quoted in the media as saying that one of the statements made by Caffiero was justifying the government’s decision to re-establish diplomatic relations with the Maduro regime, except Criticize the policy of the Mauricio Macri government towards this nation.

“We think so It was very harmful to break off the relationship [con Venezuela], Because Argentina took away first-hand information, To have connections with Argentine businessmen who perform their functions there“- he said in response to questions from opponents Juan Carlos Romero (Jump) and Julio Martinez (UCR-La Rioja) and thus provoked the reaction of its predecessor.

Sola was ousted from the government on September 17 when President Alberto Fernandez made various changes to the cabinet. PASO suffered an election defeat that month. The former foreign minister has since questioned how he was released and expressed his brief involvement with Fernandes.

As confirmed ᲔᲠᲘ By the time Sola’s decision was announced by Cafier himselfWho was traveling to Mexico City at the time to attend the CELAC Summit, which he did not attend.

“Yes. How I got the news, which was due to a call from the café, did not seem appropriate to me and I informed the president. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was working and I thought there would be no changes,” he criticized in an interview. CNN.

He also questioned Cafier’s choice of position, although at the time he was thinking of an official close to Fernandes. “I still do not have a perspective on what his Foreign Ministry will be like. I think No matter how inexperienced you are, you can solve it by being close to the president, Which is very important for the Chancellor. I think Cafier has this advantage, as well as other disadvantages such as inexperience in politics and diplomacy. You have to watch her walk“- he said.

After his sudden dismissal, Sola became close to Vice President Christina Kirchner and Frente de Todos; He even delivered a speech at the Patria Institute last month, and on this Twitter he criticized Cafier even deepening it. In the governmental coalition.

Yesterday, the Secretary of State attended the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and presented a report on the State Department’s policy. There he made a statement questioned by Sola and made a controversial argument in defense of the government’s attitude towards Venezuela: he persuaded that Several countries in the region are violating human rightsIncluding those quoted Colombia, Chile and Argentina itself, And not just in Venezuela.

Argentina has repeatedly stated that human rights are being violated in Venezuela. There is also human rights violations in Colombia, there was human rights violations in Chile, we have human rights violations in us.“- confirmed Cafiero, an argument that caused a great deal of controversy in the opposition.

Source: La Nacion